Captain Tsubasa – 47

I didn’t bother watching this episode, although I found myself doing a bunch of grunt work for it. I assume it’s part eleventy million of this Oh So Important™ match against Hyuga’s team. I swear to god, as a wise man once said, it takes Goku less time to summon a Spirit Bomb than it takes for [spoiler (seriously?) redacted] to finally win this game.

13 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa – 47”

  1. man, subbing this show seems painful.

    I’ve not even begun watching it. I heard it’s a classic but damn. It sounds laborious.

  2. Anonymous, if you’re going to watch any episode, go watch this one. There’s just so much silly stuff going on in it. All unintentionally funny, of course. 😉

  3. Did you guys change the preview picture for this release?… How many frames in an episode?
    The ultimate spoiler… change the preview pic one frame at a time everyday.

  4. The match was roughly four volumes long in the manga. I think that it was the longest game in the first (37vol) manga. So the football match in the show ends up lasting over 100min total?

  5. They’ve been at it since episode 39… and they’re still playing the same game in episode 48! Counting around 20 minutes per episode, that’s actually around 200 minutes for just this one match…

    …How long do real football matches last, again? 😛

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