12 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa – 42”

  1. Problem is the PayPal Acceptable Use Policy. Not sure how to work around the illegal activity part. lol

    If anyone wonders what the donations would go to, I can guarantee they will go to activities that will help us with our fansubs, and most likely to cover some of the expenses me and sangofe have had to pay with our own pockets, possibly ftp expenses too. I wouldn’t dare to use them for personal pleasure unless that’s what the donor tells us to do I guess. ^^

  2. Have to try and come up with a loop hole around the acceptable use policy.
    Let not call it a “Fansub” donation page.
    Let’s call it a “Get team Saizen drunk(insert other activity)” donation page. =)

  3. I want to add that this episode was translated by our new translator for the series, Reina. I must say that it was a real pleasure to edit such a marvelous translation.

    Keep going, Reina! Kick off! XD

  4. Ah, the forum. Unfortunately, that’s defunct now (or in other words, no one visits it) – if you have a suggestion for a project, I guess you’d stick it in the comments for the Projects page? That’s where most people ask these types of things anyway.

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