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  1. Also, by one more to go. Well, I noticed on Wikipedia it says Ashita no Joe 1 is 79 episodes. Is that accurate?

  2. At Anonymous:

    They mean one more episode until the arc is finished. After that, the last arc of this series begins, and ends at the aforementioned episode 79.

  3. Oh, my mistake then. I didn’t know this series had arcs. It doesn’t seem structured that way. Then again when I think arcs, I think more DBZ and stuff I guess.

  4. I swear those super long series that last over hundreds of episodes have distorted my definition of that word.

  5. 1-10: Vagabond Joe Arc
    1-15: Joe vs Rikiishi Arc
    16-20: Aoyama Arc
    21-23: End reformatory arc
    24-28: JBC arc
    29-31: Professional test arc
    32-40: Wolf Kanagushi arc
    41-51: Rikiishi Arc
    52-56: Vagabond Joe again Arc
    57- 64: Joe comes back Arc
    65-71: **
    72-79: **

    Something like that πŸ˜‰ I censored the last two, cause they could be thought of as spoilers πŸ™‚

  6. I can kinda see it, yeah. Joe seems to relapse back into low points and high points of his career a lot. One day he’s a drifter, the next day he’s looking to become champ. Then he spirals back into depression. Poor guy. One day his tomorrow will come, I hope.

  7. Now I finally caught up with watching all episodes released, so now I’m going into the waiting mode πŸ™‚ Thanks once again for providing the subtitles with such amazing quality!

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