Captain Tsubasa – 41

Will Hyuga-kun be able to score at Wakabayashi-kun from outside the penalty area? Will there be more goals scored? By the way, if you want to see episodes released even faster at high quality, please apply as quality checker by e-mailing us @ 🙂

koku edit: We could also use one or two translation checkers as well.

8 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa – 41”

  1. Im Loving the quick releases. And im praying you guys will take on more cool stuff like dai no daibouken. At this pace you will finish captain tsubasa in no time.

  2. If only, Luis… If there’s still 87 episodes to go and we release two episodes a week, that’s still almost a year before we reach the end. 😛

    Okay, for such a long series, I suppose that IS more or less no time, though!

  3. Great!, thanks guys for your thankfulness 😀

    @Luis: Anime-koi already picked (Dai no Daibouken) and released two episodes after Frenchies-subs (ep 15 & 16)…

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