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Every once in a while, we at Saizen look at our current workloads and say to ourselves, “We’re not stalling subbing enough series.” Luckily, a few months ago, Sigh Subs approached us with a baseball anime called H2 that looked like the perfect series to stallย sub. H2 follows the fortunes (or misfortunes might be more apt) of former middle school baseball pitcher, Hiro, as he joins a new high school and embarks on finding a new hobby to take his mind off the fact he can’t play baseball. And if that hasn’t tickled your fancy, maybe the fact that this is an Adachi Mitsuru show might. Yes, we’re doing another Adachi show – and if this keeps up, we might have to change our group name to AdachiZen >.>

But for the time being, let Saizen and Sigh Subs entertain you with the first episode of H2:
This release requires the latest CCCP codec pack installed. You can get it through the link to the left of the torrent link below.

EDIT: Excuse my terrible manners for not mentioning this at the time of release (I blame the massive stall), but thanks to CentralAnime who kindly allowed us to use their DVD source even though they were too far along with their releases to consider jointing with us. Make sure to thank these noble gentlemen (and gentlewomen?) when you’re next in their neck of the woods. ๐Ÿ˜€

CCCP icon[Sighzen]_H2_-_01_[DVD][409D7B5A].mkv
MD5: B464803ED5138B17F9F463F0F7F80E0E

Additional Translation Information: Because this series is circa 1995, there are a few cultural points we felt relevant to the understanding of certain lines. We have added the information with the relevant timestamp below.

09:36 “Hoshino” refers to the legendary “giant killer” Senichi Hoshino who played baseball from 1969 to 1982 for the Chunichi Dragons. He has since gone on to be one of the Central League’s most well-known managers.

20:55 “Hayashiya” is either a reference to Hayashiya Sanpei IX who was a voice actor on previous Adachi adaptations, Touch and Hiatari Ryoukou! (I’m guessing the voice characters might be quite similar in a shattering-the-fourth-wall kinda way), or it’s a reference to his father, the rakugo comedian, Hayashiya Sanpei I, who apparently used similar phrases as Kine uses to open his jokes. Take your pick on that one ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. Why don’t you join forces with Central Anime? They have quite the experience in subbing Adachi shows and they are subbing H2 as well. There are surely some ways you guys can cooperate.

  2. See. ^^ So yeah, we’ll do an optional sub for those who don’t like yellow subs and prefer well-timed scripts with typesetting and karaokes and such.

  3. Sigh-zen sounds about right. I can only sigh at the thinly veiled blasting of other groups’ quality of work. Quality of work speaks for itself, y’know.

  4. Heh, I remember watching this series a while back. Seems you guys are going all out with the baseball animu. ๐Ÿ˜‰ BTW, I have the same name(well, at least the shortened version of my name) as the main character of this show.

  5. Heibi, no offence intended – Juggen actually doesn’t work on this project, merely releases it on nyaa for us, so he probably didn’t realise we got the DVDs from you. Thanks again, by the way! We did have you in the credits but then had to scrap the credits due to some awful colour-matching with the op.

    I will make sure Juggen commits seppuku for shooting his tongue unnecessarily ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Why start up a new series that you know you wont sub for more than a few episodes when you have long standing series that are still being subbed, but you havent paid enough attention to…?
    Saizens work is good, but i dont understand the reasoning behind the series you guys pick up. If youre so slammed, why keep on taking on new projects.


  7. “Why start up a new series that you know you wont sub for more than a few episodes when you have long standing series that are still being subbed, but you havent paid enough attention toโ€ฆ?”

    Who says we’ll sub it for a few episodes? And do you know how fansub groups work? That there are different people on different projects? You don’t sound like you do, so please mind your own business.
    P.S We started this project before knowing central-anime was doing it.

    Heibi: Well, as FalseDawn said, Juggen isn’t on the project, about the timing though, everybody got their preferences. But thanks for providing vobs.

  8. Heibi: I have no idea what’s going on with this or your project, but I’m pretty sure I can still voice my opinion of the timing, which is that I don’t like yours. Not trying to start dorama, just being honest. Don’t expect everyone to think your subs are god tier, when they clearly aren’t. Thanks for providing us with VOBs, however, had no idea that was the case.

    Fuzz: The work on H2 won’t affect other projects.

  9. Yay, I didn’t know we had released it till I heard from Heibi :D. Thanks for the raws Heibi :D, you’re amazing ^_^. I still haven’t watched either group’s releases (but that’s typical me, too busy for anything but work). ^^:;

  10. We won’t sub more than a few episodes? Yay, more lazy time for me! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I’m not entirely sure what these new projects we’re taking on are. As far as I know, our only long-running shows are AnJ and Taisho, neither of which I’m on and I’m supposedly Saizen’s main editor! Gotta give me something to do, right? ^__^

  11. I can only speak for myself, but I find them ugly, and I think the majority agrees with me too. Softsubs can be easily changed, however. I can give you specifics about what’s not good with the timing, but I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get yelled at if I do.

  12. Oh, we’re not retro, by the way. We’ve been doing this for 21 years. We’re old school.

    I personally don’t care what the subtitle color is as long as I can read it. I prefer yellow, but I don’t go and belittle or put down the use of white subs by other clubs that I can read easily. Though with our subs you can tell if someone is talking out loud or thinking. Yellow for primary dialog and white for thinking. And many people prefer the yellow subs for classics like H2, Touch and the like.

    As for timing, no complaints on them from anyone I know so far. Titles come up when characters starts to speak and end when they stop. I continue some into scene switches that are so close that the blinking of subtitles can irritate the eyes. And if the characters are talking to each other non-stop in the scene and there is a small gap in between their dialog, like 1 second or less, I back-to-back the titles. I try not to let titles bleed over into completely different scenes.

  13. Heibi: timers are “anal” about timing. I am too. I don’t know about your timing on H2, but I remember watching Touch, and at times subs would at times be off 1-2 seconds. I want a consistent style, preferably with a consistent leadin, leadout, linking of lines, scene timing…

  14. @Sangofe Maybe i was wrong in believing that Saizen has that tendency, so please correct me by stating how many series Saizen has seen to the end once picking up.

    Mind my own business? Someone needs to loosen up a bit, those e-muscle youre trying to flex are intimidating me.


  15. sangofe: I’d love for you to point out on our current Touch MKVs where lines are 1-2 seconds off(.10-.20 maybe, but never 1-2 seconds). I’m anal about timing as well. But I’m not anal to the point of where a few minor bleed-overs condemn an entire work. And we are very consistent on how we have leadin, leadout, linking of lines, scene timing. Touch was an earlier work and we had the hard subbed version for a while. When I went back through them I corrected timing errors.

  16. juggen: I personally don’t see anything ugly in yellow subs. And I don’t know what majority you are talking about

  17. Dear fuzz,

    You can find this info for yourself. Click on the Projects link at the top of this page and you’ll see how many projects Saizen has finished. Significantly more, I think you’ll agree, than have been dropped/licensed or are currently ongoing (which reminds me, I should stick H2 in there).

    Thank you for your attention and please understand that it is ultimately our decision as a group as to what projects and indeed, how many projects we pick up. While we enjoy feedback (even drama-inducing comments :D), we reserve the right not to listen to it at all.

    @Heibi – pay them no attention. Those two are so anal as timers that they *would* condemn an entire ep for a few measly scene bleeds. Heck, they’d condemn it for any inconsistency in lead-in/lead-out which I’m pretty sure’s not even noticeable at times! But hey, we wouldn’t have them any other way ๐Ÿ˜€ (I think sangofe’s 1-2 secs guesstimation might be a little exaggerated though, unless he’s talking about your VHS days when obviously, hardware and software were a tad different.)

    tl;dr I think we should probably draw a line under all this and just say that each subgroup is welcome to time and style and even translate, edit and encode as they please and it’d be wrong to push our own views on other people, wouldn’t it? (*glares at Juggen + Sangofe*)

  18. Crept in there while I was replying, Newser. I think by majority, he means the majority of fansubbers/downloaders, as the current standard has moved away from yellow subs, with even official releases using them less and less now.

    Personally, yellow subs make me want to vomit a little, but that’s just my opinion. You’re all welcome to your own ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. Well I haven’t watched Central Anime’s work on H2 but I’d just like to say I actually kind of like the retro piss yellow fansubs. They are somewhat of a tradition! I can’t speak for the quality of their work on the series in question (though the fact that they put effort into it at all is always very commendable) but I do think CA has done a really great job on other series. So anyways as a fan of both groups what I’m trying to say is thanks. And thanks to Sigh as well.

  20. Someone has to maintain the traditions for all you younguns. We’ve been doing for 21 years, so we must maintain the tradition like we always have.

    One company that drives me nuts on their use of white subs is Funimation. Their blu-ray white subtitles are horrid. You can’t read them very well due to the lack of outline and are small in size. In some cases, like in Claymore and Full Metal Alchemist, the tiles blend in with the background in some cases.

  21. Heibi: Everyone has their own preferences, can’t you agree to disagree? If you want constructive feedback though, hop on irc and contact me anytime.

    Anon: I know that is the case with some people, and like everyone else, you are allowed to pick and watch whatever fansub you like. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Newser: What FalseDawn said. ^^

    fuzz: http://anidb.net/perl-bin/animedb.pl?show=group&gid=1179
    Here you can find the info about our projects so far. So we have completed 27 projects, and I’ll give you a fast explanation about the 10 dropped ones.
    Licensed: Attack on Titan, Big Windup!, Eyeshield 21, Soul Eater, Terra e… (2007).
    April Fool’s: Akakichi no Eleven.
    Boring/Bad: Ring ni Kakero 1, Yuusha Ou GaoGaiGar Final Grand Glorious Gathering.
    Translator related: Slam Dunk, The Kabocha Wine.

    As you can see, most of our projects have been dropped due to licensing, and are by far less than our completed work. I won’t argue about us taking forever on some projects though. Point proven? ^^
    PS. I’m also pretty sure sangofe got angry because of your ignorance.

  22. “@Sangofe Maybe i was wrong in believing that Saizen has that tendency, so please correct me by stating how many series Saizen has seen to the end once picking up.

    Mind my own business? Someone needs to loosen up a bit, those e-muscle youre trying to flex are intimidating me.”

    Fuzz: Juggen already answered quite well. If we drop something, it’s mostly because it gets licensed. We’ve completed quite a few. And if I said you needed to mind your own business, it’s because it’s very annoying when people try to tell us what to do. Remember, we sub together in a team working on projects we like, and this is our spare time hobby. We’re not your slaves.

    Heibi: I didn’t watch your touch mkv’s, only the old avi’s years ago. But kudos for finishing up that series. I loooove Touch <3

  23. You people! God gave us two ears to listen very carefully and a lot, two eyes so we can crap ourselves by watching anime [;p] and one mouth to speak sparingly and after a lot of thought. Then some stupid piece of crap invented the keyboard [thank god?] and we replaced our one mouth with ten fingers, and then chaos…

    Anyway, please use your parts of your bodies accordingly and enjoy life, anime, sex, and taking a dump… piece out

  24. That’s being worked on by ray-out (also by the editor who edits Miyuki) and it’s also the reason we picked Miyuki over Ryoko, pira97.

  25. I didn’t know this, but since I’m good at starting drama (apparently), I’ll say this: ray=out will never finish Ryoko. No chance in hell. If there’s any group more useless than us at keeping their speed up, it’s Ray=out. Good luck waiting on them. ^^

  26. @sangofe I don’t know if you like horses or how your nick is pronounced but I just wanted to say I named a horse after you… Don’t expect him to do any timing for you though.

    Btw who had the idea of using yellow subs anyway!? Take 20 random people and show them yellow subs and white subs with a black outline using the same font style. 99.9% will find the yellow subs ugly, nearly nobody will find the white subs ugly. Tradition means nothing when you are releasing something to the masses. Subs are meant to be easy on the eye and not distract from the video. Whoever it was that picked yellow subs knew nothing about eye strain and attention… It’s not the worst color but it’s not the best either. I’ve studied this subject and I know a little bit more than most about this…

  27. I’d pay to see a horse timing…

    Also, that’s a very good question. I’ve watched a number of foreign films and I don’t think I’ve ever seen yellow subs outside of anime. I wonder why that is…

  28. Don: You certainly made me ROFL ๐Ÿ˜› Take a picture of that horse and share it with us, please ๐Ÿ˜›

  29. “Subs are meant to be easy on the eye and not distract from the video.”
    Man, you don’t want to know how many fansubbing groups don’t know this basic rule… They go for “it looks all fancy” instead. (Even Saizen gets a bit too fancy with the signs and stuff from time to time, I think! :P)

    Personally, I’m completely used to white subs, but that’s because of where I live. Go check out Dutch TV sometime. The subtitles *always*, without failure, have the same, consistent look to them.

  30. I’m not happy with all our styles, but new styles should be of similar fashion, and easy to read. At least all projects I’m involved in. But unfortunately, I’m not involved in stuff like Salaryman and that is why that cancerous styling somehow got through QC. ^_^;

  31. @Don
    99.9% of 20 people is 19.98 people. How do you imagine that last 0.98 man? Hm, maybe he’s 98% man and 2% horse?

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