Line Offline: Salaryman – 10

salaryman 10
Office Etiquette Guideline #70: While it may seem like a good idea at the time, mooning your co-workers to illustrate a point is frowned upon, no matter how relevant they may be to your conversation (this includes but is not limited to stories about ass warts and hemorrhoids). The above reaction is what is most likely to occur, followed by a fairly hefty lawsuit for sexual harassment. Also, announcing it as a rebuttal while you’re pulling down your pants and exposing your apple-shaped derriere is no longer funny.

While you’re waiting for the police to pick you up for indecent exposure, watch this handy promotional video we’ve made on what you’re meant to do when you work in an office:

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Ashita no Joe – 46v2-47

Back from my vacation, so it’s about time I get the distro going again. As promised, another AnJ episode.
The fight between Joe and Rikiishi is drawing close. Epic battle of the century? Let’s hope so. =)

Released a v2 of ep46 since I believe some fonts were left out last time. :/
V2 Patch

Don’t forget to visit Hokuto no Gun.

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Line Offline Salaryman – 09

salaryman 09
Office Etiquette Guideline #49: If you end up going Chris Brown on your wife with a frying pan, it’s probably best not to tell your work colleagues, as they probably won’t be as understanding as you’d hope they’d be. Incidents like this can lead to frosty atmospheres in the workplace, so if all’s not well in the marital home, please keep it to yourself.

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Line Offline: Salaryman – 07

salaryman 07
I think a few of us have felt what Mr. Moon is feeling here…

A note on this episode: For some reason, the Japanese studio decided to misspell Connie’s name. Or she couldn’t spell it herself. Because, y’know, Cony (how she signs her pudding) is not pronounced Con-nee, it’s pronounced Coh-nee.  So, we at Ruri-Saizen have decided to carry on referring to her as Connie in the subs, because… well, we don’t need a reason. We considered typesetting over the Cony so that viewers would be nonethewiser, but I was talked out of it so that we didn’t seem like trolls. You guys deserve to know the truth, after all! So, there it is. Hope this doesn’t start any drama about preserving the source material and all that jazz! :O

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