Yawara – 117

Today we give you a very special episode, which happens to take place on Christmas Eve!
Hopefully everyone will have a wonderful day, and perhaps this episode can get you into the right mood. 🙂
And with this release, we managed to get you 14 episodes in 7 days. 😉

So, from all of us to all of you, we at Saizen Fansubs wish you a Merry Christmas!

CCCP icon[FroZen-EviL]_Yawara_-_118_[DVD][E09D6369].mkv
MD5: 14B3E16EB4D893E4C9B4A2B6C22A92DD

14 thoughts to “Yawara – 117”

  1. ANJ: 16
    CTJ: 13
    Tsubasa Movie: 2
    CT2002: 19
    Igano: 13
    Major OVA: 2
    PoT OVA: 6
    Taisho: 1
    Yawara: 47 (incl 118)
    Sum: 117 eps, 2 movies

    Effectively one episode every third day. I must apologize, we’ll try to be much faster in 2013, seeing how we can’t live up to our fans’ expectations.

  2. Thanks a ton for the hasty releases lately. They’re much appreciated.

    Coming from an ex-fansubber, I know all the work it takes to put into these things as I’ve ran my own group and worked on numerous series. Releasing an average of an episode every three days is pretty solid work. Are there times when things get slow and nothing comes out for a while? Sure, but that doesn’t mean that people aren’t working on it. We all have lives that are more important than putting episodes out for other people.

    If you guys ever need help with something, feel free to contact me. that1guytim on rizon. I can encode, edit, typeset, and time. It helps to know a little Japanese when editing ; )

  3. You guys rock, thanks for all your hard work!

    This episode. THIS EPISODE. I’m in tears. Now if Kuniko just gets run over by a bus (preferably the one Yawara was riding) everything will be perfect.

  4. Thanks guys for your latest releases, I am sorry for being late in my reply but that’s because I lost my internet for the past days …

  5. Merry Christmas one and all!

    (and to count Charady for anything, I’d have to get my ass in gear – 11 eps of a three min show in a year isn’t a great showing >.> :D)

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