32 thoughts to “Ashita no Joe – 45”

  1. No it’s not, but if one person doesn’t do his job, things stall. We don’t have people who can replace people that go missing.

  2. Well, Good guys like you who thank Saizen & Hokuto no Gun from time to time are the ones who encourage the team for better work, many thanks guys ^^

  3. “Hopefully in 2013, at least with AnJ 1.”
    Is-it a promise ?
    Don’t make me dream like that, please ^^
    Whatever, thx for all done this year and all those forthcoming.
    Keep the faith and have good end of year parties with your families and friends.

  4. well, they can’t promise a year ahead, but they’re working better than previous months, so expect better results and don’t dream, you may hurt yourself 😀

  5. Don’t get your hopes up. We are trying our best to sub these shows, lack of staff and real life might stall things though, this should be pretty obvious. We want to watch these shows as much as you do FYI. ^^

  6. Not if people actually stay around and get their stuff done in timely manner. A year has 52 weeks, which means 0.62 episodes a week. Sure, it’s much faster than the project ever been at… Have more faith, Juggen!

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