Taisho – 07 (BD)

So I’m sorta/maybe/perhaps/hopefully back again, and will be able to bring you those releases that have just been waiting there for me to finish up, all this time.
At least I got my Master’s degree now, so haters gtfo. πŸ™‚
About Taisho, I guess we will be working on this till the grave, but at least we did an attempt to at least get this one episode out, hopefully more will follow (with less than 2 years delay). Maybe no one still cares about this (I don’t blame you), but we’ll still try to see this one through.
You might notice the signs being slightly different than usually etc, since I had to redo the logo and titles.

Love and Peace!

31 thoughts to “Taisho – 07 (BD)”

  1. I also care. I also have hope that we see the remaining 5 eps sometime in 2013.

    I am still waiting on a lot of stuff, like Daa Daa Daa!!!, which is also released with glacial speed. So it’s good to see something finish from time to time. Ganbatte kudasai!

  2. mmm, sadly, I have to point out that the video has issues. compared to the other eps, the lines are thinner, too much thinner…
    and here I hoped to delete DH rips πŸ˜‰ well, something is wrong.

  3. Congratulations on your Master’s degree. Wish I were as far but still bothering with Bachelor’s degree >_>

    Regarding the show: I care. πŸ˜‰

  4. I still care and am so glad you are releasing the remaining episodes. Thank you so very much! I look forward to the rest.

  5. Our is when holding over, sangofe. But like, it’s sharper, but some (most) lines are too damn small making it look weird, and the mouth and nose more or less completely disappears.

  6. *LOL* When I first saw the episode, I thought I must have turned on Warpsharp by accident or something. That aside, I’m glad to know you guys haven’t given up on this series yet.

  7. @blakbunnie27: still need it?
    @Juggen: we still need tl of taisho 08~
    * @Juggen runs away ._.
    @blakbunnie27: lol, yeah
    @blakbunnie27: maybe this weekend

  8. Wow, someone complaining about a 2.5 month wait on a series that’s been stalled for 2 years. That’s amusing πŸ˜€

  9. I had no idea that series has been ongoing for 2 years from your end.
    But i am not surprised since Ashita No Joe season 1 was started back in 2007 and is still on episode 51. πŸ˜›

    Are you understaffed?

    And Thanks for the update. ^_^

  10. Do not compare those projects, Dhruv. If you’re to compare, take a look at all the projects we’ve ever had, along with release dates. No, we’re not understaffed. It’s just people, including the translator, being busy.

  11. Sangofe: Oh i see, people being busy.. that explains it. If i do look at your release posts on the main page of the site you do have frequent releases.

    Juggen: Whatever i said wasn’t intended to be offensive at all. So i dunno why you are saying whatever you said.
    Also 100+ episode in a year is very good.You are releasing an episode every 3 days which is btter than most of the groups i know.

  12. Whenever someone I don’t know makes jokes about us being slow, which is quite frequent, and don’t know how much effort we put into our releases, I become defensive.

  13. That’s understandable.
    I have been trying to QC captain Tsubasa Movie 3 for a week now and it’s still not half complete.

  14. Just dropping by to say I’m looking forward to the continuation of these releases, and thanks for the hard work!

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