Captain Tsubasa J – 35-47 Batch

Hi kids!
In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been releasing episodes while the site was down. We even managed to make it all the way to the final episode, yay! Not to spoil anything, but this looks like one of those series that didn’t get enough money, ratings, story ideas or whatever for it to go for multiple seasons, so we hope you enjoy what’s available here.

Edit sangofe. I just wanted to give due staff credits for this final CTJ newspost:

Translator: kokujin-kun.

Timers: KmE, sangofe.

Editor: kokujin-kun.

Typesetters: juggen, KmE, Sutai.

Quality checkers: kaiser, sangofe.

Encoder: Puto.

41 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa J – 35-47 Batch”

  1. YAAAAY !!!

    First one to reply on the new site :D, thanks for your hard work guys and wish you pleasant future πŸ˜€

  2. Thanks, ds_f and Junglist. As for 2k2… We’ll see. I’ve said it before, and it seems like I need to say it again: we don’t really have the same team on 2k2, and the 2k2 team is much more busy in real life.

  3. thanx god you re still up thought you were gone and thanx for cap tsubasa J hope you can complete joe soon!!!!

    you must be the oldest fangroup still running, long live saizen!!!!!!

  4. No seed? πŸ™ I was at %73. Too bad, I was so close to have fun for I am madly in love with Captain Tsubasa.

    But thanks for your great efforts please keep up the good work.

    Hellos from Istanbul!

  5. Hi,
    First of all, I have been longing/looking for Captain Tsubasa J English subs forever! Thank you SO MUCH for this!! Amazing!! πŸ˜€

    Will you be subbing the rest(ep. 1-34) also? Those were the best ones!

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  6. Thanks a lot. I’ve been looking for this for about three years.
    BTW, can you please tell from what point to what point eps 1-34 go? From Tsubasa first comes to Nankatsu? And till Tsubasa ends middle school and goes to Brazil? Or even till the end of U-16?

  7. There are no english subs for 1-34, but these episodes are covered by the first Tsubasa series that’s subbed by #frenchies-subs
    i don’t know about the details of the story, sorry bro.

  8. Thank you so much for subbing this anime !
    Just one question, what is the 47th episode about ? According to wikipedia, the last episode is supposed to be “SaikyΓ΄ no shin Zen Nippon Youth”, which is the title for your episode 46.
    I couldn’t find anything on youtube for “mesase 2002”.

  9. Sirr i want episode 1 until 34 !!! Can i get it ?? please πŸ™
    i want it . . The first i download i just get Spain DUB. Please i want episode 1 – 34 πŸ™

  10. hi is it possible to seed this batch for like 2 days maximum?
    the download speed is so low, ive been downloading the first 5 episodes for like 5 days now.
    tnx in advanced

  11. idk, im downloading it with my vps in england with 10mbps speed

    and im getting 8 kbps max. well ill dl it with ftp on vps later to my system, but the problem is that the vps is also having some hard time on downloading


    well i guess i cant do anything about it if its the seeder’s fault, ur doing ur job, so i guess i have to wait about a week to download 40-47

    thumbs up anyway

  12. well i finished downloading, donno the speed might have increased while i was gone, anyway thanks again. oh and a question: do u know where i can get the raws?

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