14 thoughts to “Yawara – 90 & Batch”

  1. Ah well, I can see Juggen stands there too !! :>

    Thanks for this episode guys, and special thanks to Kokujin-kun 🙂

  2. Yeah, had it not been for kokujin-kun, saizen would had almost no releases… because he either translation checks or translates most of what we release here…

  3. Thx a lot for this episode and for all your hard work until now to Yawara & other projects I like this anime a lot, I hope u will finish it soon and concentrate after on finish Ashita no Joe 🙂

    I would like to do a request about 2 sports anime I think deserve your attention I speak for “Hiatari Ryoukou!” & “H2” 2 works from the amazing mangaga Mitsuru Adachi I have watch “Touch” & “Cross Game” and I really love his work I cannot believe no1 finish this 2 anime yet his work is pure GOLD, anyway consider pick those 2 some time in the future plz 🙂

  4. Tim: Like we’ve replied before it is not about concentrating on this on that. Each project has its own members. Can you, and others please understand that?

  5. I think the issue with Hiatari Ryoukou and H2 is raw availability more than anything. We’ve looked at both in the past, but not sure we want to commit to more long series until Ashita no Joe or Yawara (our two epics) are nearer completion.

  6. @FalseDawn
    If it comes to Hiatari Ryouko! there should be no problem to get the raws. Saiei already released nice r2 rips a few years ago and still seeding them. There should be not even a problem to just ask the founder of mangadownloads for dvd ISOs.


  7. Seriously want to thank y’all working on Yawara for all the work put into it. As an ex fansubber for many years I know the drive it takes to push this stuff out. Yawara is a great series and the last few episodes have been awesome. I’m honestly really looking forward to more in the future. Only 34 or so left to go I think!

    Oh, are y’all also planning on doing the movie sequel and then the TV Special that finishes up the series?

  8. It’s not decided to do it, but definitely not excluded, That1GuyTim. Considering how much we have left, we’ll try to climb that wall first 🙂

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