Igano Kabamaru – 22

“Hey, it’s Mai here. Yeah, I’m great, thanks. Did you get those pictures I sent? Yeah, I’ve always wanted to do some glamor modeling, because everyone keeps telling me I’ve got the figure for it. What’s that? Adult scenes? What would that include? Well, I suppose… big bucks, you say? Well, how can a girl say no? That’s a rather… odd title, though. Why does it have “ass” in it? Well, thank you, I’ve always thought mine was particularly shapely. Okay, we’ll talk more about it over lunch – in your studio? That’s a strange place to have lunch… but okay. See you later.”

The following is a video taken several hours later by a Mr. C. Morflange and distributed widely on the internet:

P.S. This ep is where the action really starts!
<FalseDawn> OH MAN
<FalseDawn> igano gets serious in this episode
<FalseDawn> i just had to use thought style for two of his lines!
<FalseDawn> shit’s going down

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Igano_Kabamaru_-_22_[DADB877F].mkv
MD5: B257879854017454B0BAF3C4AE515D4E

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    Thank you
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    I love this anime and it is great, you guys are super fast, and amazing. Thank you

    Keep up the good work

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