Prince of Tennis Another Story II – 01

It’s the grande finale!
Again with the typical stall for weeks, but… eventually we managed to work around it somehow. ^^
Hopefully the rest of the episodes will get out in a relatively good pace… No promises.

Also, don’t forget to visit Ryugan and say hi. 🙂

And with this I’d like to say: thanks for watching, keep tuning in, do apply as a recruit, happy Easter, and hope you had a good time! ^_^
Also, thanks everyone that worked your asses off this past week(s) to get these releases done! =3

9 thoughts to “Prince of Tennis Another Story II – 01”

  1. (^__^) thanks again!!

    @sangofe – about the movie, I believe mine will arrive this week, if you’re still interested in the raw, contact me (^.^)

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