Igano Kabamaru – 13

Hello, all you Igano fans. This week, Kabamaru has been reading The Divine Comedy and has been inspired to follow in the footsteps of its hero and descend into the lower regions of Hell. Everything was going swimmingly in this monochrome world (aside from a little altercation with the ferryman, but that’s another story) until the final boss fight music started and down floated the glowing-red disembodied head of his grandfather. Turns out that Saizou won a talent competition to be Satan, so he’s gonna kick Kabamaru’s undead ass from here to Hades. Will Kabamaru win his freedom back to the world of the living? Will we ever find out if there’s a tenth circle of Hell? And how exactly does Saizou hold the Devil’s pitchfork without any hands anyway? All these questions and less are answered in Episode 13 of Igano Kabamaru.

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3 thoughts to “Igano Kabamaru – 13”

  1. No need to watch the ep, OMG !!! .. JUST LOOKING AT THIS SCARY FACE is enough to know everything :DDD

    Thanks FalseDawn and I wish you great luck this week .. hahahaha.

  2. Oh God, grandpa is so creepy! Wonder how didn’t I saw any nightmares with him when I was a little and watching Kabamaru.

    Keep the great job.

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