Ashita no Joe – 29v2 & 30


Been a while…
Currently our editor is too busy to contribute to this series, we just somehow managed to get this one ep out.
So ya… if you want faster releases, apply for editor. ^^;

About the v2: Seems like the fonts didn’t get incl. in the last release. (No patch, sorry)

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CCCP icon[Saizen-HnG]_Ashita_no_Joe_-_29v2_[DVD][9212A97A].mkv
MD5: C8E079B41CE3B73DF425E652633DFA0D
CCCP icon[Saizen-HnG]_Ashita_no_Joe_-_30_[DVD][C01375AA].mkv
MD5: 11760CE42533BF3134691B7978933433

42 thoughts to “Ashita no Joe – 29v2 & 30”

  1. Hey,thanks a lot.Love you guys ^_^
    I have applied for a post of QC but havent given the test yet coz of RL issues.I’ll be a little free this weekend.Is there any deadline for the application?
    I wish I could apply for the Editor too,but your condition was native English speakers!
    Well thanks a lot for the release 🙂 Hope we get at least 1 release per month!!

  2. I hope you read the part that our editor is too busy to contribute — this means that the project’s not really “back.”

  3. Hell, if you’re so hard up for editors that you’re accepting non-native applicants, I might apply. Once I catch up with the anime, of course.

  4. Ironically, specialists of a language often are foreigners. We only really care if you can keep the editing up our standard, that is all.

  5. Well, how precise do you guys want the English to be? Are we talking someone who’s studied English and knows all about clauses, prepositions, and all that good stuff? Or someone who just talks pretty casually and is presumably up to grade 12 standards? Would the translation be a very literal one where the editor needs to try and make sense of it in English? I’ve got some exams in the near future, but I dare say I’d be willing to give this editing thing a shot for a bit… That is, if you’re not too concerned about a slight lack of consistency if you have to change editors again in a couple months.

  6. As ninjacloud tries to say, you need to pass the test first. You have to be able to turn the script into something with minimal to no spelling errors, no grammar errors, and make it flow really well. Something I’m far from managing 🙂 So you’d only stay around for two months and then disappear, Mysterio?

  7. If I’d get the position, yeah, I’d likely disappear before long. There are some real life things I’ll have to be dealing with… Well, let’s see how this so-called “test” is. For the time being, I need more Ashita no Joe in my life!

  8. Mysterio: can’t say it’d be an ideal situation to AGAIN have to search for an anj editor (I think we’ve had 9 so far on the 30 released episodes…)

  9. Better than nothing, isn’t it? Oh well, I didn’t make the cut, anyway. Hopefully someone better will show up before long for the sake of tomorrow.

  10. I want to convert some of these episodes and put them on my Ipad/Ipod so I can enjoy them on my way to work. Are the subtitles hardsubs (part of the video) or softsubs?

  11. We’ve been releasing softsubs for the last 5 years or so, and I am pretty sure all realeases are softsubs, however, hng have been doing hardsubs of the joint releases.

  12. no one subbed it yet (Complete), You can wait till Saizen finish their Season one and start watching Season 2 with them … like what I’ll do ^_^

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