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Back in the mountains, when Igano was young, Cross Country Boar Racing was considered a national pastime. Forget greyhounds, forget horses: boars were where the money was at. But it was a challenging test of endurance and skill. Many boars died in pursuit of victory and everlasting fame. In short, it was no Boarback Mountain…

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Hello, all you Igano fans. This week, Kabamaru has been reading The Divine Comedy and has been inspired to follow in the footsteps of its hero and descend into the lower regions of Hell. Everything was going swimmingly in this monochrome world (aside from a little altercation with the ferryman, but that’s another story) until the final boss fight music started and down floated the glowing-red disembodied head of his grandfather. Turns out that Saizou won a talent competition to be Satan, so he’s gonna kick Kabamaru’s undead ass from here to Hades. Will Kabamaru win his freedom back to the world of the living? Will we ever find out if there’s a tenth circle of Hell? And how exactly does Saizou hold the Devil’s pitchfork without any hands anyway? All these questions and less are answered in Episode 13 of Igano Kabamaru.

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Been a while…
Currently our editor is too busy to contribute to this series, we just somehow managed to get this one ep out.
So ya… if you want faster releases, apply for editor. ^^;

About the v2: Seems like the fonts didn’t get incl. in the last release. (No patch, sorry)

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Remember to chew with your mouth closed, kids.

We’re finally back. With the speed we’ve been going at, you probably started to get worried.
Also included another batch this time, you can download episode 80 from whichever.
Hope you’re all enjoying the show!

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