Yawara – 61

As some of you know, Yawara was a joint between Frostii and Saizen. Also known as FroZen.

Starting with this episode its a three group project including LivE-EviL making it FroZen-EviL.

LivE-EviL’s CP was kind enough to buy the R2 DVD’s which are overprized. So feel free to express your thanks at http://www.live-evil.org/. They are also helping us with Quality Control now.

Even though we got the DVD’s now we will probably release a few more episodes with the raws we have been using for 59-61. But everything will be re-released at some point. Dont ask when though since i got no clue myself.

Enjoy episode 61!

CCCP icon[FroZen-EviL]_Yawara_-_61_[270EF1C8].mkv
MD5: 43D64E00A745299ABA6CF7E0383B6321

10 thoughts to “Yawara – 61”

  1. Thanks for doing your best Sqall on every project :P, but, what do you mean by ” everything will be re-released at some point ” ?, is it just ep 59 and 60 or the previous ones too ?, i just want to know that point not when 😀

  2. We’ll be going back and doing DVD encodes for 59 through whatever we get to at some point. Possibly doing 41-58 from DVDs as well, after we finish up the whole thing.

  3. Great to see more already! Compliments to all the subbers involved, three groups means three times the love ;D

    FroZen-Evil is kind of an amazing name… if you were a band I’d be thinking “Uh-oh, heavy metal alert…!”

    BTW, i have the old LE subbed eps, but they only go up to 57… then FroZen picked up at 59… is 58 like a catchup episode or some ting?

    Peace and blessings

  4. Thank you SO much for continuing this! We’d watched the original run of fansubs, and we bought animeigo’s release, but we were so disappointed when they announced that they couldn’t license the rest of the series. You guys are awesome <3

    Really like the look of many of your other projects, too.

  5. LE released 58 after Animeigo announced they would not be finishing the series. It is not a catchup episode.

  6. Thanks Dave, i will check for it… but in case i don’t find it, anyone know of a source?

    The ep 58 in the Nyaa torrent i nabbed is the unsubbed Japanese/Catalan dual audio, and i don’t remember seeing any Yawara up at L-E’s site…

  7. Thank you, thank you, thank you! If you guys finish subbing this series I may keel over (not a jab at you, simply that no one has ever finished it).

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to more!

  8. Well, I didn’t get time to look by myself so thanks a million Skr! I watch so little anime these days I sometimes lose track of where I should be looking.

  9. Thank you very much for picking this up,
    Yawara is one of my favorites so its great news.
    Looking foward to next releases 🙂

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