Still recruiting time!

We’ve filled some of the needed positions (hello, new guys!), but still need a few more:

Let’s start with Ashita no Joe:

  • 1 Translator
  • 1 Typesetter

Slam Dunk:

  • 1 Translator
  • 1 Typesetter

Igano Kabamaru

  • 1 Translation Checker

All projects:

  • Quality Checkers

These all imply being able to contribute at least weekly. Send your application along to and you will receive a test according to the position you’re trying out for. If you have any questions, PM Juggen in #saizen@irc.​​​​​​​​​rizon.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​net.

51 thoughts to “Still recruiting time!”

  1. I’m think of trying out for the position of Timer for Slam Dunk but I’m starting college tomorrow so I don’t know if I can be available or not =/

  2. Haha, Ninjacloud, that was something I just wrote xD and alb, thanks for considering your eventual time constraints as we want to have steady releases and not stall at the different steps, such as for example timing.

  3. kingofbeer is a super lazy timer, and I updated the main post again because we’re now in need of a QCr on CT, and not an editor.

  4. Hey guys, are you recruiting for Ookiku 2? cause I’ve noticed you didn’t release an episode for a long time, you didn’t drop it did you?

  5. The remaining Oofuri2 episodes are awaiting editing. The editor has his hands full with other more pressing things atm, but there should be progress again fairly soon.

  6. Oh ok, no pressure, just glad to hear you guys didn’t give up on the project 🙂 thanks for all the hard work, and I’ll keep checking back for new releases ^_^

  7. yahzee, go QC. And sangofe, willy took over and has been catching up. Igano is being slow since apparently the TL got problems hearing/understanding what’s being said, and the editor has had to work overtime for two weeks now.

    Thanks for understanding.

  8. I’ve finally got on top of my rl job so that I should, in theory, have more time to dedicate to subbing again. Which means, in other words, I shouldn’t be slowing down Igano any more!

  9. Pssst… something I noticed, the forum is still available if you type its URL, is it still open for topics and posts or is it just a leftover?

  10. Well I am prepared to offer my services, but I am a complete novice, however I am fast learner and considered intelligent by my peers!

  11. Is there still a need for members for the ashita no joe releases? I am willing to do timing and editing (or one of either depending on what’s available) if the position is still open ^_^

  12. Hmmm, why is not the post at the top anymore? I mean some of the positions are still needed, and possibly one more qcr on tsubasa.

  13. They are translating from the French dvds that got released, and they only released season 2 in over there, plus what’s more, then don’t have translation checkers.

  14. agreed but isnt a joint venture supposed to do exactly that use others strengths to cover our weakness and vice versa

    I’d again request you guys to see if any possibility exists for a jv 🙂

  15. So What?? Atleast It’ll help the group ultimately and who knows people may come up and finally stalled shows might get some workforce to work on them. anyways what happened to ” the kabocha wine” is that stalled or dropped? (if that’s the case can you recommend any other fansub group who’s doing /done that ? (would prefer if you guys subbed it 🙂 )

  16. Everything that isn’t announced as dropped is still active, though perhaps also stalled.

    We’ll probably make another recruit topic sometime, but atm I’m only asking for help on TT and when there’s a new release. Or from people we know, joints etc. It’s not like it gets crowded with recruits anyway. People are always free to join, and they’re almost always needed. Especially people with good English skills. The biggest issue is often missing editors when something gets stalled (sometimes TL too). And we don’t see the reason of releasing something that isn’t high quality for the sake of getting shit out.

    About Kabocha. AFAIK, no one else has subbed it. We jointed with the guy that released a few eps on his own some time ago, since a staff member were also interested in the show, and helping out. It’s stalled till we’re provided with more translations from him. If he drops out, we consequently do as well.

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