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Time for birthday celebrations, and with that birthday presents. But with part-time jobs strictly forbidden, how do you afford that shiny new accessory? Squad Leader shows the spirit!

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A chance to make it big for Joe, but an artist can’t be seen hanging around with disciplinary school scum, and the Five Lemons guys aren’t too impressed with his antics either. The stage is set — make or break time.

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Hi. This will be the last release post I’ll write in at least half a year as I’ll be traveling in Namibia, Australia, Argentina and Ecuador. I hope you’ll enjoy, and that the project will live on without me.  The torrent will be added whenever someone’s around to see this post and seed, hopefully 🙂

Edit: This is missing the logo, but personally I don’t care, if any of the other guys on the project do, this will be delayed.

Is this K-ON yet?

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We’ve filled some of the needed positions (hello, new guys!), but still need a few more:

Let’s start with Ashita no Joe:

  • 1 Translator
  • 1 Typesetter

Slam Dunk:

  • 1 Translator
  • 1 Typesetter

Igano Kabamaru

  • 1 Translation Checker

All projects:

  • Quality Checkers

These all imply being able to contribute at least weekly. Send your application along to and you will receive a test according to the position you’re trying out for. If you have any questions, PM Juggen in #saizen@irc.​​​​​​​​​rizon.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​net.

What’s with the shocked faces… we never said we were going to drop it. On the contrary an awesome fan has aided us by providing the remaining BD episodes (thank you thank you thank you…) :). Let us all rejoice and commence with building a memorial in their name. Scratch that let’s just finish the series. So look forward to the remainder of the series; it won’t be fast, but slow and steady we’ll get to the finish line :P.

Also if you enjoyed our classic subs and are good with Japanese translations, we got some oldies just waiting to see the light of day if you can help.

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