Yawara – 66-68 (BD)

Christmas Eve is here again, which means it’s CP Day once more—the day where we honour the memory of our much-missed fellow fansubber, ConsiderPhlebas, by releasing a whole load of episodes of basically whatever we’ve managed to get ready in time. Yawara in particular is a series that was close to his heart, so it seems only fitting for us to serve up another batch of Blu-ray episodes to mark the occasion. As ever, this is a joint with Live-eviL.

Magnet URI[FroZen-EviL]_Yawara_-_066-068_[720p][Blu-Ray].mkv
MD5: n/a

3 thoughts to “Yawara – 66-68 (BD)”

  1. Thank you for your awesome work. I bookmarked the Yawara page and every week I check it if there are news.
    Thanks and happy new year!

  2. Yawara is one of my favorite series, I check back all the time for these updates. Thank you thank you thank you for continuing to put these episodes out, as especially for a Urasawa work, I’m sure this is something of a niche title. Wishing you all a great 2023!

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