Laughing Salesman TV Batch

Had this ready a while back, but you know, getting old here, so my apologies there, but anyway, here’s the batch of Laughing Salesman tv episodes. Note, there does not seem to be any differences from what is out there aside from one thing, eps 1-100 got a 0 added for the sake of order and something we should have done a long time ago. Batch is optional for those who watched the whole thing as a result. Big ups to our friends at Live-eviL for being with us the whole way. Specials are being worked on.

Magnet URI[Evil-Saizen] Laughing Salesman (720p)
MD5: n/a

5 thoughts to “Laughing Salesman TV Batch”

  1. Posting my comment about Special 01 here for the sake of visibility:

    Error at 06:34 > Every day was painful test of perseverance. Should be Every day was a painful test of perseverance.

    Just leaving this here to be updated in the future specials batch. Thank you for all your hard work and have a great year!

  2. So like I saw an episode of the series in which some innocent guy wants to learn driving and the Laughing-salesman just drags him into one accident after another.

    I thought the Laughing-salesman is someone who gets his revenge when his ‘request’ to provide help is not appreciated.

    But after watching this episode am confused, I mean the innocent guy didnt do anything wrong to LS.

    Can someone please provide some light on this thanks.

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