15 thoughts to “Laughing Salesman 95-99”

    1. Will they be releasing the other specials? I sure hope so. I loved the others.
      And I love this series!!! I’ll sure miss it when it’s over.

    1. Pardon the spam as I can’t seem to delete my previous comment. 😅

      Going by ear, I think it’s “Then let’s go tomorrow!” (a literal translation would be “Let’s go after resting tonight!”)

      1. Sangofe:

        I want to make amends for my previous behavior and am earnestly asking to be unbanned from both the Saizen IRC and Saizen Discord channels.

        I am not sure why Saizen is continuing to ignore my sincere attempts at reconciling with you guys. All I am asking from Saizen is an answer.

        Thank you.

        1. @Someone: I’ve been told by several people that you show no understanding for them , leading in stress and unpleasant feelings for them. So nope.

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