Charady’s Daily Joke – 88-95

What better way to kick off a birthday celebration than a couple of drinks and 24 minutes of prime Charady action? Yes, that’s 8 whole episodes!

Speaking of birthdays, the 1st of April 2019 marked a decade since this show started airing, which kinda shows how slow we’ve been with this project, lol. I was hoping to have some episodes released on that day, but things didn’t work out, unfortunately. I still remain determined to finish this series, though, so expect more in future – if anyone’s still watching this show 😀

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3 thoughts to “Charady’s Daily Joke – 88-95”

  1. I’m still watching! I’ve been watching since the beginning!

    I have to admit, however, that I’m starting to get worried that this show won’t be finished before my death. If we employ some basic calculus with your release rate so far, the last episode will come out right around the time I’ll be 88 or 89, and I’m healthy now, but…

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