6 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa – 127”

  1. Thank you so much Saizen. Just like Ashita No Joe, a great series is coming to an end thanks to you guys, we the fans appreciate it to the fullest.

  2. Ayeeee one more to go! Thanks a lot guys! When I was first recommended to watch Captain Tsubasa, I decided to start by watching the original series, in which you guys were the only people providing it with English subtitles, and I decided to not move on to the other series or watch any of the movies until I finished watching this series, when you guys finished subbing it. It’s been a long 2-3 years but I’ve been patient, and now there’s only one episode left until I can finally get to watch the other series and get to go back to binge watching Tsubasa like I did in the old days before I ran out of episodes and had to wait for them to be released. Keep up the good work!

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