Just to let you know…

Hey, hope everyone’s doing well. And, no, this isn’t about Major. It is a bit… of possibly major news. Anyway, with Nyaa dead, we have a new home for the time being. It has everything our old Nyaa page had (via magnets right now), and [M]-V has been so kind as to reissue a few new torrents. We’ll be slowly rolling those out on that page to have them updated with their tracker.

Anyway, check it out and hopefully we’ll be back at you in the near future with something for you.

Till then folks,


P.S. It’d be really nice and swell and all if those who’ve gotten our stuff in the past could help us reseed things as we go along. As of now, there are reissues for Ashita no Joe, Capeta, and Captain Tsubasa Road to 2002. There are no changes to the actual contents of these. Only the torrent files themselves are updated (with new trackers).

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