55 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa – 118”

  1. Batch when? 😛

    Can you remake it in 10-bit? If it already is, can you remake it in 8-bit? Thanks!

    Also, can you guys sub this random non-sports garbage anime from my childhood? It’s only 300 eps long and no one has ever done it before, because it’s almost impossible to find a source for and when you do, it’s totally garbage and interlaced to shit and back. Thanks for doing it ahead of time! Love you~ 🙂

  2. hi dears.
    sorry , when change ? do you change this episod ?
    When you upload your fix ?

    Thank you for your beautiful work

  3. If Shin CT has already been subbed why are people asking for it to be subbed again?
    Wouldn’t make more sense to request Captain Tsubasa J to be subbed?(the non recap episodes)

  4. Thanks a lot chunks. Would be nice to see Cap Tsubasa J being subbed next. Also please release the remaining 10 eps soon have a party to catch to thats why. Hang it there dear kundis, thanks for the effort.

  5. “Also please release the remaining 10 eps soon have a party to catch to thats why. Hang it there dear kundis, thanks for the effort.”

    After this kind of mails I’m so not motivated to work on Tsubasa…

    And who the hell is “kundis”? KundiAss?

    Ugh, sangofe writes those angry answers much better. I’m just facepalming…

  6. I have a good idea for Saizen:

    For every person who asks for the last 10 episodes of Captain Tsubasa to be released, add 6 months delay on releasing each episode.

    And when Saizen eventually gets to the final episode, wait at least an additional year for each person who asks about it.

    People will stop bugging you really fast when they see that.

  7. Doubt it.
    It’s new people not reading the rules and asking for releases.
    It’s an endless cycle that all fansub groups have to deal with unfortunately.

    It is what it is. Best thing to do is ignore them.

  8. Truthfully, it’s not that either, Shankman. They just don’t care. Rules or no rules. They’ll do whatever they want.

    As it is, I guarantee we have a lot more experience than the majority of groups in dealing with this stuff. Over 10 years of it, lol.

    Why do I lose my shit on people sometimes? That’s simple. Fansub dorama is where it’s at. It just ain’t the same without a bit dorama 😉

  9. I just wanted to say big thanks to the Saizen boys for releasing one of my favorite animes ever! I am looking forward to watch the whole thing once it’s complete.

    I searched for this anime years ago but had no luck until you picked it up. Really appreciate your hard work <3


  10. Don’t lie, konnakude. It’s already done and saved for internal purposes exclusively. That’s why you should join Saizen now and fill one of our positions!

  11. Thanks a ton for the CT series my dear brothers. You all are legends indeed. Love the Laughing Salesman as well, thank you my dear comrades. Keep it up, love Saizen to the fullest <3

  12. Once again, thanks for all your effort. Was watching CT from ep. 23, man this does bring back good memories. I had my childhood in the early 90’s, so CT was a giant part. The NES games and what not, the stickers, booklets, man those were the time. Thanks again, love your work.

  13. I just wanted to say that I am grateful for subbing Tsubasa. More than 20 years ago I was watching subbed version on TV, but now its impossible to get.

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