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Be-Bop 04


It’s finally back! Get ready for crude language and hilarious moments!

Don’t forget to visit Hokuto no Gun.

Magnet URI[Saizen-HnG]_Be-Bop_High_School_-_04_[DVD][B38736E2].mkv
MD5: 803cd4773ae3d58d6bff35028f0a8ed9



Wait, Mai’s father is in the shot! This makes the creepiness factor go up to 11! Ewww…

Magnet URI[Luurah-Saizen]_Magnerobo_Ga-Keen_-_06_[DVD][47983C3D].mkv
MD5: 93cc3657dae342fed369da4da01bd03e


Too much football is dangerous for your health!

Poor Ishizaki made another of his gutsy deeds and became marked in a progress! Will his eyes ever be normal? And if Ishizaki looks like that, what about Tsubasa? Or Hyuga?

In order to find out, watch the episode!

Magnet URI[Saizen]_Captain_Tsubasa_-_117_[DVD][6D7DA4F1].mkv
MD5: 88054c53941b25a0e9dc1c5c4e3e7bfb

Thanks to Justin and Matthias who both donated to us so that we now own the Space Brothers #0 BD. We’re all extremely grateful to you for your contributions and hopefully we’ll have a subbed release of it sooner rather than later for all you Space Bros fans out there.

Remember, we’re still looking for another 187€ for our distro guy whose seedbox means all our torrents get from us to you, as well as running the Arutha irc bots that services most of the fansubbing groups out there. His server running costs are an eye-watering 500€ a month, so getting some toward this month’s costs, it keeps the lights on for that little bit longer. Head over to the donations page for more details on how to donate direct to him.

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