Major Season 1 – 01 720p

Day 2 of Saizen’s 13 Days of Christmas over here and I’ve got something big for you. I’ve been teasing it a few times over the last couple months, and here it is, Major Season 1 – 01. I’m really excited to be bringing this to everyone as Major was the first show I worked on when I started here at Saizen about 10 years ago now. To say the least, this is a dream project of mine.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty details of these subs now. The raws we used were the Shiniori-Raws 720p raws that were made from the ts raws when Major Season 1 aired in HD in Japan. I would’ve liked to have had one of our encoders do this straight from the source ts raws, but we couldn’t find them anywhere. If you have access to them, drop us a line. I’d love to talk to you. As far as the scripts themselves go… We have built all the scripts from the ground up. Translations, timing, typesetting, karaokes, are all original. For those who watched our previous releases, I have decided to change the Major styling. I, personally, found that our old styling didn’t work very well at the higher 720p resolutions, and a few of the other project staff members shared that opinion as well, so I felt justified in changing it. It’s 2015 now.

Anyway, I and everyone here at Saizen hope you all have the merriest of Christmas’. We’ll be seeing each other again tomorrow at the very least.

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  1. Thanks again Saizen and Merry Xmas!
    BTW Are you planing to released anime that weren’t subbed yet or just doest made great re-release of already fansub titles?
    Considering how many classics remains unsubed it a sad thing…

  2. Hm? There a problem here, gentlemen? I don’t work on Be-bop and I sub what I want to sub… especially when it’s a show that inspired me to learn Japanese and live in Japan. Thanks!

    This isn’t a rerelease. This has not been subbed properly before.

    If you want something else, change your life and go do it yourself.


  3. Well said AMS,but the thing is Be-bop is a shared project with Hokuto no Gun,so things aren’t so simple.Merry Chirstams to all of you and try to enjoy the things you have.

  4. Sure, they are. They are absurdly simple. I don’t work on Be-bop. I don’t know who does. I don’t even think I’ve ever spoken to any of the Hokuto no Gun guys (I do love some of their scans, I gotta say). I have absolutely no idea what is going on with that project.

    Meanwhile, I pretty much started this project myself. The first version of this episode that was made before it was changed a number of times was put together 100% by me. The translation was done by me. The editing was done by me. The styling was done by me. The timing was done by me. The typesetting was done by me. The karaokes and k-timing were done by me too. Things changed as I brought people in to help me, but you should get the basic point.

  5. did you manage to get the 2nd season of Shiniori-raws as well? your comment was around 2014, i assume you’ve acquired them and will be doing them too *fingers crossed* :))

  6. No, I haven’t been able to locate a proper copy of them all, Anonymous. I’d love to get my hands on them. You have them? Do you know of any torrents with seeds?

  7. sadly, no.
    I’m stuck at 90.9% for almost a week. :<
    i'll let you know if i can get it to 100% or find a new source…

  8. Major was my first baseball anime and it quickly became my favorite anime of all time. I still can’t get over how much I adore this series so it’s so awesome that I can download a high quality version the original series! I can’t stop smiling — what a great opportunity to watch it from the very beginning!

  9. You know, I am glad this is happening, I really enjoyed watching this series in 2010. I bought the DVDs at a decent price in 2012 with the plan of compiling both Saizen and MJN subs together into one video file, I like the idea of options.

    This past year I have been working on manually hand timing all the the hard subbed sources, I have completed Saizen season 2, and MJN Seasons 1, 4, and 5, Though if you still, have the original sub files for Season 2, I can scrap that, and focus on the MJN subs.

    I might be able to provide you with the Shiniori-raws for Season 2 video if you haven’t yet acquired them, I might have downloaded them a couple years ago, though I have biga collection of Hard Drives, I don’t mind doing a search, let me know.

    Keep up the good work.

    Thanks for subbing the series.

  10. I have some of the original sub files, but not all of them. I was not the original project leader, but became the de facto project leader by the time we got to the end of the season. Season 2 was the first thing I did at Saizen, after all 😛

    Yes, I would like those Season 2 raws. I’m not entirely happy with our efforts on it looking back, but still think it stands up against the competition fine. Nevertheless, I can do things now that I couldn’t do then (ie. I know Japanese now and didn’t then), so I’m rather confident that I could make pretty substantial improvements to those scripts.

  11. @supervillianx51: I’d very much like the season 2 raws you’ve got and the Saizen season 2 version you completed (did you try ocr’ing our old releases btw, or just typed off and retimed? OCR’ing should normally get you the timing, too).

    As for season 4, man, you’d rather watch Mjn’s subs than ours 🙁 ? Or do you just want both, lol?

  12. When I have time, i’ll look for the Raws.

    OCR’ing Comic sans is a mixed bag, and the timings are usually off when OCR’ing. I’ve tried a couple methods, but ultimately it’s just easier to manually input everything,, focus on one step at a time.

    2.Typing out the lines
    3.Editing the Line placement, and styling.

    Doing everything in one process is too chaotic which leads to errors, I am a perfectionist.

    I don’t speak Japanese, so I can judge which fansub is more accurate, I don’t prefer one over the other, just want to provide the option for other people to choose.

    It’s nice that your doing Season 1, are you re-translating Season 2 or are you using the original sub files?

    I wish someone would give the manga some attention, anime left out some material unfortunately, maybe the sequel manga will see some attention.

  13. Yeah, I’d retranslate the entire season. I’d redo the styling and the ts as well. We’d probably redo the timing as well since it’s just a lot simpler for an experienced timer to do it from scratch than go through a script line-by-line looking for errors.

    Yeah, doing everything at the same time is rather chaotic. Welcome to my world, lol. You can probably do the styling and timing at the same time though. Well, at least some basic styling. What you’ll want to do is first have your styles set in your script. After that, make every line your standard style by default, and then from there if a line is not your standard dialogue style, change it to another one. Generally speaking, you can tell if a line is thought or main dialogue rather easily from how they’re speaking or what the line is. The sound itself will be different from regular speech, so you don’t even need to see the video most of the time when you’re doing it. OCR’ing is, yeah, a mixed bag. You end up with a lot of typos. Not sure why the timing would be off though… That seems like it’d work quite well as it’s a much simpler thing to program.

  14. Well, I have timed .ASS sub files for your groups original Season 2 fansub, they are missing the actual text, and I didn’t time the opening and closings for every episode.

    If they are of any value to you, let me know.

    OCR’ing, I have tried a bunch of software, but timings are sometimes either off, or lines get split into 2, 3, or 4 separate timings as the OCR recognition detects a different frame pattern between the video hard subs. Found it easier to use the video to hand time, over letting the OCR scan and create 500-600 lines(each episode tend to be about 375-400 line), and do more work modifying those.

    Doing everything in steps(Timing, In putting lines, Editing/Styling/Placement) keeps me focused on 1 task as opposed to getting slowed down worrying about managing everything at once.

    Though I have never worked on a fan sub, I can see things being done different when you have more work to deal with doing translating and localizing.

    Oh well, I think I’ve talked a bit too much.


  15. Nah, it’s cool. I could talk subs all day, haha. The thing with Major is that it’s actually about a minute longer than the standard 24:07 or something that most anime is (It clocks in at about an even 25 minutes per episode). It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it adds up a lot over an entire 26-episode season, as you end up with essentially one extra episode to do. It definitely tests your dedication and patience 🙂

    Um, well, it sounds like the scripts you have aren’t timed to the Shiniori-Raws HD version, which is what we’re looking for (that or the original .ts raws, but beggars can’t exactly be choosers in a case like this).

    Not sure how sangofe feels about said scripts though. I leave the timing to him as I have since S2 😉

  16. I’d love if you could upload your scripts. In worst case I can just reset all timing and start all over. It’s better than pre timing like i did for most of season 1.

  17. I am off on Wednesday, so I’ll have time to look for them then.

    While the HDTV raws, or re-encoded raws do look better than the DVDs as they currently are, and with Season 3 not being released in HD raw form, I stumbled upon this 4-5 months ago

    I don’t have an expensive Nvidia GPU(Always been an ATi/AMD person), the software needs CUDA to do the upscaling at a decent speed, so I can’t exactly say if it would upscale the show better than the process used for the HDTV streams, but I am hoping it can produce a good looking final result.

  18. Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I have these files, unfortunately i just can’t seed them with my ISP.

    I will probably upload them to one of my seed boxes.

  19. Um, we can probably hook you up with a temporary dump ftp to up them them too if you’d like. Do you use IRC?

  20. magnet:?xt=urn:btih:357C7E2B58094A01ACD45994B6C660DB0C705168&dn=Major%202nd%20Season%20HD&tr=udp://

  21. You know what? Looking at the file sizes, both 2nd Life Raws and the Shiniori-raws files are exactly the same, just labeled differently, and unfortunately every episode I have looked at has some TV station text displayed around the top around the 22 minute mark.

  22. Haha, yeah, they’re advertising watching season 3 every saturday at 6 😛

    Also, file size doesn’t really mean anything…

  23. I would prefer to watch stuff when ever i can find the time 😉

    But looking at both torrents, and then looking at their media info, they are both the same which is hilarious.

    I also compared the Shiniori-raws episode 2 video with the the video that is on the DVD. There is a tiny bit more vertically and Horizontally, and it’s just a bit more detailed than the DVD.

    They used a different master for the HDTV broadcast, and i’d like to hope that it will one day see the light of day on Blu-Ray even if it isn’t a native 1080p show.

    Anyway, it doesn’t look like I have anything left to give you guys.

    I am hunting for HD raws for Seasons 4, and 5, but unfortunately many years have passed by since their initial releases, they too are also hard to find.

  24. hey guys i downloaded this episode but when it gets to the ending the subtitles become like numbers and the video closes?

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