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  1. I don’t like how the story made it so that Tsubasa was suddenly miles ahead of Hyuga and having beaten him at the nationals 2 years in a row. Hyuga was at one point the best player. I think it should have been 1 win and 1 loss, both being very very very close before this match.

  2. is there no more captain tsubasa after this? btw I was wondering If you are going to make a huge batch for all the torrents since some of the ones in the 80s are not seeded at all. Thnx for everything you guys did for us

  3. Thanks for everything Saizen.

    Btw, Shawn, after ct you should watch shin ct, it tells the story of the jr world cup (not the filler european championship before nakatsu vs meiwa, the one happening after, last part of the manga).

  4. Obviously I know that, ninjacloud, but I thought maybe they were having trouble finding the episodes or something.

  5. How exactly do we view these files? Also, is it ok if we post these on YouTube? If it’s ok, how do we do it? This guy has done it, but he only has up to episode 103, so I wanted to upload the rest to YouTube. But your files aren’t viewable on all of my devices or postable on YouTube. How are we supposed to watch these episodes?

    Also here is the link to that guy’s YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAzo_S-1qqn0a72fPsz5Nsebjp_X9W0Bk

  6. No, we have all the raws and subbed episodes will be out when the subbing process is complete.

    http://www.saizen-fansubs.com/playback-help/ for info on how to view our releases. Device playback does depend on whether your device supports the codecs we use. We primarily sub for PC users, so if you’re using any other kind of device, it’s likely you’ll have to re-encode it yourself to make it playable (there are guides all over the internet for that if you google them).

    We’d prefer you not to upload our releases to Youtube (if we wanted that, we’d do it ourselves), but there’s no way for us to stop you if you choose to.

    Also, please don’t spam your message more than once or I’ll just end up deleting them.

  7. Typically .mp4 is used by people doing remakes for compability reasons. In case you end up having to re-encode yourself I’d suggest to try that format. ^^

    Also, ninja stated the obvious, since the question to begin with was stupid. ^^

  8. No, he thought he was the project leader actually ;D

    I’d stop now while you’re… well, I wouldn’t say ahead, but let’s just say before you embarrass yourself any more. The episodes will be done when they’re done and not before.

  9. That’s because they all agree with me, so get with the fucking off already.

    Wiat mayeb if i rite liek tis u no bester. fuk ooooffff

  10. wow thanks a lot for the memories. loved this show as a kid. while i do appreciate what you guys have done/doing, i would kindly request you all to stay off from flaming/bullying. it is very clear that ‘psychonerd’ is not so good in his english skills and cannot get out what is actually in his mind. so kindly refrain from bullying others and keep it at your respective homes. once again thanks a ton for this series. have been following you all from the ANJ times 🙂

  11. Yeah, you can fuck off too. This thread made it very clear to not do that multiple times already. He chose not to read anything (ANYTHING at all… even stuff in this thread he posted to) and just do what he wants, because he felt he was special.

    Guess what? He’s not and neither are you.

    Are you the type of guys who walk up to someone you don’t know’s house, knock on their door, and go, “Hey, nice home. When’s dinner ready”? Because that’s what that asshat did, except there were also giant signs surrounding him telling him not to and he ignored them anyway. Guess what? It’s fucking rude. I feel bad for his parents (possibly for yours as well because you’re defending the behavior), because they raised their child to have absolutely no manners, and now he’s going to get told to fuck off by people his whole life, and you’re pretty close to that too.

    His English isn’t good? So what? Use a dictionary (because they’re so hard to use), or I don’t know… any of the countless spell-check/grammar-checking programs that take a whole 2 seconds to use. It won’t be perfect, but it’s better than behaving like a drunken asshole.

    It’s also not bullying or flaming… because dude was a clear disrespectful asshat to begin with. If someone spits in your face, it’s not bullying if you spit back. It’s the person getting what was coming to them. That’s what happens when you behave dickishly. It’s SIMPLE. Even children understand this basic concept. If anything, you morons are trying to bully us, and I’m swinging back. So how about you guys stop trying to bully us? Hm?

    We’re not your parents. It’s not our job to teach you generic basic manners in the world or coddle your baby feelings.

    You people need to check your privilege.

    TL;DR – You have to be kidding me. Fuck off.

  12. So many unpleasant comments. I hope you don’t get discouraged and continue your work up to ep128. No matter how long it takes.

  13. Some people just need to learn to be patient and not be so demanding and disrespectful. Bugging the subbers isn’t going to speed thing up. Like I always say, if you want the finished product faster, why not try helping out? Makes sense, right? ^_~

  14. just wanna say how thankful i am for you guys’ efforts, it’s been few years eversince! not much fansubber wud have patience to translate this bunch load episodes, especially for the classic anime. Love lots from us !!

  15. hi all. thanks a bunchy. any news when the next Ep will be out for Captain Majed. Last update i can see was on May’15. Now its Sept’15. Thanks again for everyones of the efforts.

  16. Oh, howdy, medastouch, you can find all the information you’re looking for about releases here:


    We figure people always want to know when the next episode of the show they’re watching is out (We’ve been around for over 10 years now, so we gradually got a bit of a feeling for what people want to know), so we’ve helpfully put it under Rule #1, right at the top of the page! Thanks for reading it!

    If you’re wondering if we’re still doing the show too, we have that information for you under Rule #2!

    Man, that rules page sure is helpful, right?

    You’re welcome.

  17. AMS, please sub Captain Tsubasa slower, especially when you get to the last episode. The hilarity that would ensue would be priceless to watch.

  18. I don’t even work on Captain Tsubasa 😉 The last homoerotic soccer show I worked on was Aoki Densetsu Shoot!… and that was just to finish it off so we could start AnJ and Slam Dunk. That’s the deal I made with our founder 😉

    In the meantime, I am getting two episodes of Kuroko ready for release for everyone right now. I’m sure that’ll please the masses, *teehee* =)

  19. Anonymous,

    1. Use English. That’s the language of this site. Almost everyone in Saizen could use another language if we wanted to (the majority of our staff members do not have English as a first language), but we all use English as that’s the common language here.

    2. More Kuroko is probably coming today. Pretty fast, huh? You’re welcome.

    3. Blow me.

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