Be-Bop High School – 01v3-02

Be-Bop 02


Here’s the latest action-packed episode of Kyou Kara Ore Wa Be-Bop High School.
Really enjoyable episode, hope you’ll like it too. 🙂

Don’t forget to visit Hokuto no Gun.

Apparently ep1 got a bit messy, so here’s a few patches depending on what version you’ve already got.
Ep1 v1->v3 Patch
Ep1 v2->v3 Patch

CCCP icon[Saizen-HnG]_Be-Bop_High_School_-_01v3_[DVD][823B3614].mkv
MD5: c0f57ef5966231a80fbfd045b1c5c06e

CCCP icon[Saizen-HnG]_Be-Bop_High_School_-_02_[DVD][BBDF599A].mkv
MD5: cca38477461a68bbf48121ec97656db3

15 thoughts to “Be-Bop High School – 01v3-02”

  1. Why do all Japanese delinquents have the pompadour haircut? Are they all trying to look like James Dean or Arthur Fonzarelli or something?

  2. In this series, what you’re seeing is called a “ducktail” haircut. Somewhat similar to a pompadour, bun…not. Pompadours have far more emphasis on rounding the bangs outward and upward. The ducktail has more of a wedge along the forehead, sometimes curling down (like the dude on the far left).

    And it was popular up to the 80s to the point of being stereotypical. Doubt it’s worn much now. You see it a lot because the 80s and early ’90s were the height of the delinquent genre, thus solidifying the stereotype.

    The pompadour is sometimes used, but is either more of a glam look or done in a hybrid style to emulate samurai hairstyles.

  3. Also, is Hokuto no Gun still working on the Be-Bop High School manga?

    They haven’t released a new chapter since November and they use to have it on a steady monthly/bi-monthly schedule, right after their releases of Blazing Transfer Student.

  4. For some reason, the opening subtitles when I play the first episode are all crushed up into the corner. Anyone else have this problem? Also, best of luck with the 3rd episode and the rest of the series!

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