19 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa – 103”

  1. Had to change servers for our website. CT is not released regularly because people gets busy with real life every now and then. Same goes for all projects.

  2. You guys should seriously consider either IP banning people who keep breaking the rules OR look at setting up registered accounts to comment.

    I’ve been on your site since you took over CT and people have repeatedly broken the rules… and you guys repeatedly reply with the same “busy with life” “read rules” “get lost but in a nicer way” type responses… and that’s just for CT. I assume it happens across all your projects.

    I feel for you guys.

  3. Maybe since we’d probably need a staff member dedicated only to banning people if we were to do that… Sad truth. We do occasionally.

  4. Thanks a lot for everything up to now, Saizen. Also thanks to Frenchies for starting it.

    People don’t know how frustrating it was when you had to wait months for a release of Frenchies (i don’t blame them, they were a small fansub and it’s difficult to do it on free time). I started watching when they had 5 episodes subbed, so it was long years up to now.

    I had to drop it ,eventually. But after long time, Saizen started to sub CT, in a more active way. I was overjoyed.

    If you consider when did this started, you should be thankful it’s so close to the end of the series (also considering that Frenchies originally planned to sub only the Elementary School saga).

    Thanks again, Saizen. Keep up the good work.

  5. thank you saizen
    but please consider finishing this project, we’re almost at the end, push it to the limit, i want to see the whole thing at one time, revive my childhood 🙁


  6. lol, I can’t believe people. It’s like they have absolutely no ability to think at all. I always end up asking a number of questions to myself when I see qs like this.

    Do you think the staff members on a project don’t want to finish it as fast as they can? Like, do you really think people don’t want to get things done as soon as they can? How would not doing something and saving hours of work for ourselves for later be advantageous for us? We’re doing this because we like it and as a hobby. Why would we intentionally not get things done as fast as we can? What’s the motivation for that?

    Do you think we’re not fans too?

    Do you think we don’t want to finish it? I mean, this is the group that subbed Joe for like 7 years here (and spent another 2-3 trying to start subbing it).

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