Miyuki – 29

Miyuki - 29


So, here I thought there would be some peace after releasing daily for about a month with over 40 releases in total, including 3 of Miyuki. So sad I couldn’t make Fujiri happy… 😐 But enough of spoiled kids news, we’ve finally got some more Miyuki ready and are putting big efforts into trying to have this done sooner rather than later, as we finally got our hands on the first Yawara BD box! So get hyped and look forward to more judo goodness. =)

CCCP icon[FroZen]_Miyuki_-_29_[DVD][7A1D9B22].mkv
MD5: 8707ED8B57DA197DCFFCD1237FF266DE

15 thoughts to “Miyuki – 29”

  1. “as we finally got our hands on the first Yawara BD box”

    Well, to be honest, it’s still in some DHL airplane somewhere between Tokyo and me 😀

    CP jumps up and down in anticipation…

  2. I was waiting and it here it is.
    Really grateful hope for more guys.

    Perhaps I even watch the Yawara series finally.

    My personal opinion is any average old anime has got 97% of chance to be objectively better than good new anime.

    Not that I place Yawara on middle shelve, since I haven’t even watch it yet.

    Anyway thank you Saizen.

  3. Yesss, Miyuki was found again. Thank you <3
    And sorry for my impatience. I am indeed a spoiled child used to weekly releases. *blush*

  4. aww, the ending was quite nice. Made my heart sqeeeeze!! Plus, that ending song, eee XP Thanks for all the hard work Saizen!

  5. Thanks for the new episode, and as others have mentioned we are looking forward to seing those Yawara BDrips! 😉

  6. as long as i don’t start watching the anime, i can wait years (in fact i did wait over a year for this one to finish)

    but yeah, even daily releaseage isn’t enough for me if i already watched some of it.

  7. “objectively better”

    Please realize that there is _no such thing_. When you’re talking objectively, you need to state facts. Like how this is an anime, and how it was made years ago.

    The moment you try to use a word like “better”, it becomes a subjective thing. Your opinion, my opinion, someone’s opinion.

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