21 thoughts to “Ashita no Joe – 73”

  1. Omg, you bunch are seriously my favorite groups! Tonight I drink to longevity of your subbing endeavors!

  2. Amazing episode! Makes vivid all the Joe’s brilliance all along the series.
    Thank you very much for subbing!

  3. Oh, just so you know, CR’s subs of ANJ2 are much better than takara’s. So if you’re gonna marathon both right away, that’s the route to take.

  4. @sangofe -> please can you let us know by CR means which sub group it is?? because am able to find ANJ2 with english subs by Takara only and nothing else. Pls can you let us know which other group has subbed ANJ2 and from where we can download the same. Thank you, and keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  5. @FalseDawn -> but bro am in India, and it says the anime cannot be streamed because of License Issues πŸ™ would it be possible if someone can download all ANJ2 from CR and make a torrent or something, would be really helpful for ppl like me who are not in the US, cheers

  6. @sangofe -> i didnt get you really. u mean to say i need to email them to get ANJ2 with CR subs or sumthing? please can you share me HorribleSubs mail address ??

  7. i checked out HorribleSubs, they dont have ANJ2 on there site, pls can someone rip the ANJ2 eps from CR and create a torrent, would be greatly appreciated, thanx a ton

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