Kuroko’s Basketball 12 [Blu-Ray][1080p] and [720p]

kuroko ep12 newspost pic

Monday’s suck.  Here’s Kuroko’s Basketball episode 12 to make it suck less for you.  The game versus Shutoku reaches half time and Midorima’s Shutoku teammates finally wonder what the hell is up with Midorima and his huge raccoon statue.  割ろう!  Enjoy!

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Kuroko’s_Basketball_-_12_[1080p][Blu-Ray][55A6C7BF].mkv
MD5: c8c507e159d3c463d230b16fbff7b35c

6 thoughts to “Kuroko’s Basketball 12 [Blu-Ray][1080p] and [720p]”

  1. thanks!

    P.S Yes, Monday does suck which I had episode 11 😀 and Tuesday sucks even more and I’ve got episode 12, YAY!

  2. Hey, just curious how come you release both a 720p and 1080p version? in one of the other comments you said they are untouched. I just know theirs more pixels in 1080p so does that mean you guys up-scaled it?

  3. Don’t quote me on this because I don’t know in this case (AMS will probably be along later to fill you in for real) but most Blurays are 1080p resolution as standard, so it’s more likely that the 720p is a downscale – which is what the TV stations do anyway and that process loses a lot less detail than an upscale would.

  4. The Blu-Rays are natively 1080p. All the Kuroko eps are made straight from the bdmv. Logically, the 720p is therefore a downscale. We release a 720p so that more people can watch these as not everyone can play and watch 1080p.

    What I meant by that they’re untouched is that our raws don’t come from someone else’s encode on the internet that we happened to find and reencode or anything like that. They’re straight from the Blu-Ray.

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