Beast Saga – 15-16

A new challenger appears! Get hyped! 🙂

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Dear new viewers: It was brought to our attention that episodes 1-3 had mysteriously disappeared from Nyaa, making it difficult for people to start the series from the beginning. We have now rectified this by rereleasing these episodes in a batch torrent for them, which you can find here.

CCCP icon[Ruri-Saizen] Beast Saga – 15 [F83A44F4].mkv
MD5: 414A963DD74AEA123C174735DB04CAF2
CCCP icon[Ruri-Saizen] Beast Saga – 16 [E1CAED42].mkv
MD5: 35F77A15ED116C03DE9234DC458C45DF

8 thoughts to “Beast Saga – 15-16”

  1. Not started watching yet, so DL and save. DL and save… I guess we’ll be repeating this cycle for a while, considering this anime’s duration:-)

  2. Sometimes it can be nice to turn the brain off and relax with something like this. Thanks. ^^

  3. But Anonymous, if you turn off your brain, you’ll shut down the rest of your body and die. 🙁

  4. I mean that the complex plot is too much for me to handle! I almost had my brain explode a few episodes back. So now I just turn it off and go on auto-pilot.

    This anime should come with a warning label!

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