Captain Tsubasa 1-80 batch

…Think it’s time for a batch yet, after 80 episodes? Mmmyeah, sure, why not! πŸ˜€

More seriously, 80 episodes means we’re almost 2/3rd through this humongous series! And the first 31 of these are all thanks to Frenchies-subs! A great big thanks goes out to them for getting the ball rolling.



Saizen quality checker, novice translation checker, appreciator of animation, humor and strong, good stories. I like old video games and the little-known underdog gems.

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  1. what do you mean by frenchies subs? did you translate french subs to english like you said takara did with anj2?

  2. nevermind, I’m dumb. I googled the group and yeah.
    but I remember a news post earlier saying something about french subs and I kinda held off on watching

  3. Frenchies-Subs is a different subgroup. From my understanding, Saizen took on Tsubasa at episode 32 because that’s where Frenchies stopped, so all the episodes before that weren’t done by Saizen (but we are distro-ing them for your convenience; aren’t we nice? :D)

    EDIT: Ah, ninja’d! Well, the French thing could have been that sangofe translates from the French subs, but rest assured, for the sake of maintaining quality, the translation checkers on Tsubasa double-check these against the Japanese audio afterwards. That might have been it.

  4. FalseDawn is double correct (you win the Grand Prize!). Frenchies-Subs were the guys who translated the first 31 eps (in English, not French!). And when sangofe translates the episodes, he does so with the French subtitles.

  5. sangofe French’s sucks
    he somehow managed to translate CT from the french subtitles he had from a dvd using an online translator
    the good translation thanx to the editor (unknown) and the Qc’s

  6. Frenchies-Subs was a group called Frenchies because it was created by some frenchies.

    Those french peoples was translating the series from japanese to french (prior to the release of the official subbed version in DVD in France) and so decided to do a japanese to english translation at the same time.

    After the last (and a lot of them) editor dissapeared, we decided to stop because it was boring to see the editors always dissapearing after a few episodes.

    Then Saizen took over the project.

  7. didnt you guys criticize takara for subbing their shows based on french translations too? I don’t see why that was such a big deal when you do that with CT. were you being facetious?

  8. MayorMikeHaggar:
    One thing is to translate from french without anyone who knows japanese checking and fixing the script with no english editor going over the script and no quality checkers checking, not to mention the lack of typesetting…
    Another is to have a japanese translator check and fix the script, and editor edit the script, a typesetter typest, and and five people quality checking each episode. That’s the way we prefer, and honestly, takara only did french-english tl without even fixing the timing and called that a day.

    What makes you think I did that? That’s a laughable accusation. We’ve adapted the french subs. If I would’ve translated directly, we’d have much less accuracy. That’s why we have translation checkers. For your information, I’m half french and I studied at university in France. In addition I obtained the grade of C1 at the internationally recognized DALF exam, which is the second high grade possible.

    FalseDawn: No way in hell would I translate from the french AUDIO!! What I do is that I use the french SUBS and adapt them using my japanese skills. Then tenken or onibaba tlc them (they’re both japanese), plus kokujin-kun also tlc’s after edit.

    Edit: Thanks for editing your post, FalseDawn.

  9. @MayorMikeHaggar

    We criticize Takara because of things like this:

    Maybe they fixed it in the batch, I don’t know, but for the longest time, people didn’t know that Jose Mendoza was a racist (he actually said “You are just a rude, yellow animal!”)

  10. @sangofe: Any chance you could take a stab at Acrobunch at some point? That’d be handy, since the Neechan release on Nyaa’s missing two eps, and an anon on /m/ tried to start a project using the official French DVDs, but vanished for a long time afterwards.

    That aside, I must thank you for your hard work on Tsubasa! As a French manga fan, I’ve been curious to see how the anime was handled.

  11. I think we’ve set enough projects (both current, future and unannounced) to take on any suggestion for at least two years!

  12. Nice! I see that you didn’t waste your time while I was on a short vacation to gather some energy to continue with Tsubasa. πŸ˜€

    So more is to come soon!

  13. Well… With about 1.5 episode per week, it’ll still take a while to do the last 48 episodes. πŸ˜‰ But it’s certainly come along nicely.

  14. You know what would be an interesting stat, if it could be done:

    Logging the number of people who downloaded this torrent in the USA, the last bastion of anti-soccer.

  15. Well, I’m an American. Do I need to like soccer to follow this anime?

    I just remember seeing lots of parodies of the NES game, especially the Touhou ones.

  16. SpiritofHokuto20xx: we’re all victims of that!

    Anon: You don’t need to like soccer to like this, but it probably helps. You’ll likely get more of a laugh out of the occasional ridiculousness. πŸ˜›

  17. *checks Sangofe isn’t around*

    Yeah, you don’t need to know anything about football for this show because it rarely breaks out into anything that could be considered a proper match – it’s mostly standing around philosophising with a ball at their feet! >.>

    *runs away, laughing maniacally*

  18. @FalseDawn:
    As a fellow editor I feel that I need to correct you.

    You wrote “…it’s mostly standing around philosophising with a ball at their feet!”
    Well, they’re not only standing around with a ball at their feet, they’re dribbling it, passing it, shooting it, and sometimes they’re even lying on the ground, injured.

    Though philosophical part was quite correct. πŸ˜›

  19. So basically, it’s like Soccer plus Dragon Ball Z, where they talk and take hours to power up and actually fight?

    Instead, since it’s soccer, they talk, take 12 hours before they actually shoot the ball at impossible angles and then score?

  20. That’s not an unfair assessment ^__^

    I actually don’t think I’ve seen a “great” football anime – Giant Killing came pretty close, but was left unresolved and it doesn’t look like a second season’s coming up any time soon πŸ™

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