12 thoughts to “Hajime no Ippo: Rising – 21”

  1. That doesn’t help me much if you don’t point it out or show how according to you it should be right.

  2. The sentence is valid.

    The only thing that seems arguably “wrong” to me is that the sentence is a bit difficult to parse. I’d attribute that mainly to the fact that the sentence starts with “His”, but doesn’t mention that “His” means “His conduct” until much later in the sentence. That is not a grammatical error, though!

  3. I thought that it should be “He” instead of “His” or something after His maybe conduct…

  4. Another editor chiming in here. It’s a valid construction, albeit not one used all that much informally. You hear it used more in speeches or more formal situations. I’d nitpick and say it’s probably not the right context to use it, but it’s definitely not grammatically wrong.

  5. I’m not a native, so I guess you’re right! The QC for this series is really awesome! I have learned a lot of new expressions and this may be quite right (grammatically speaking of course)

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