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  1. that’s a really weird mistake. is the anime adaption close to the manga? I wonder if this aired before the manga issue of it was written

  2. I don’t know the Japanese but couldn’t the commentator have been saying “after keeping it to 1-0 for so long, Hanawa finally lost by the smallest of margins”? Mind you, Koku’s helping you with this, isn’t he? I doubt he would have got it wrong. And thinking about it, 1-0 is the smallest margin you can get too, so that line wouldn’t work either, lol.

    I blame bad scriptwriting by the Tsubasa animation studio πŸ˜›

  3. @FalseDawn: Nope, it couldn’t have been your suggestion. Two different translators translated the line in the same way, plus koku even contacted some Japanese people to be 100% sure and it said “one-goal lead” about Hanawa. I was thinking to change/correct it, but kokujin-kun gave an idea to have it as a release post to show that anime studios can have wrong too.

    @Anonymous: Anime always follows the manga and not the vice versa. We even checked it with the manga and this sentence wasn’t even there. So it’s purely anime studio’s mistake.

  4. Yeah, that’s what I figured. How good is this adaption otherwise? I’ve not been watching it all. I tend to read manga before watching the anime.

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