Special Donation Thanks Page

This page has a list of people who’s helped us with donations along with how much and what their donations went to. Those who helped, thanks a lot!


krs: Captain Tsubasa – Italian DVDs (episodes 81-128): 50 €. Will be used as audio source for a cleaner audio.

Juggen: Igano Kabamaru – translations (episodes 19-24): 90 $. Hijacking the spotlight. ^^

sangofe: Hungry Heart Wild Striker – translations (20 episodes): 200 $; DVDs: 50 €. Igano Kabamaru – translations: 60 $.

ser2703: Aoki Densetsu Shoot, Hungry Heart Wild Striker, and Slam Dunk – translations (xxx episodes): going over 1000 $ in total.

8 thoughts to “Special Donation Thanks Page”

  1. Donating money is pretty much the only way I can help the best fansub group in the net.

    There have been few moments of craziness, when I thought ‘wow, cool, I’ll try to join as QC or editor’. So far I’ve managed to return from the world of dreams before actually applying as my contribution would be quite sporadic. Being a part of a weekly release team is without any doubt not for me.

    So, here is the official ‘Thank you!’ from me, for all releases you, Saizen & friends, have made and I haven’t showed my appreciation yet.

  2. Well, at the moment we’re fine on on-going projects but if you’d like to help cover the expenses we had on Igano which were about 440 dollars in total, you’re more than free to send money through paypal to sangofe@hotmail.com.

    If you go even further back, we spent money buying Hungry Heart Wild Striker DVDs, plus we paid for Aoki Densetsu Shoot and Slam Dunk translations. That was at the time this group was without a translator…

    Now if you want to donate, that is up to you.

  3. Well, there’s also the costs for servers and such, but I dunno if muyg and [M-V] is asking for donations or not. ^^ But just like sangofe said, there’s not much anyone can do about current projects as we already have DVDs, BDs etc. other than help by joining our ranks of course. ^^ Donating money to sangofe’s paypal could be something, though, for the team to share in some way.

    And, krs, I salute you. Having long-time fans like you means a lot. Heja Sverige! ^^

  4. I can’t say how much I’m thankful for your donation!
    I bet out translators will be happy too to be able to translate Captain Tsubasa with a better sound! 🙂

    krs, du är en riktigt fin människa! Tack! ^-^

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