We want YOU!

Hey there. I’m actually gonna do the opposite of what we do here in Saizen and give you some project details. As you’ve noticed, we haven’t been able to release twice weekly as of late. This is due to a variety of reasons.

If you don’t want to keep reading a long post…All in all, we can’t keep releasing twice weekly, unless we get a new timer, a back up typesetter, and one or two quality checkers.

Firstly, the two active, fast quality checkers we’ve had around for the last couple of months seem to have gotten busy with university.

Secondly, our main typesetter decided to disappear. This didn’t become a real problem, thanks to the awesome kokujin-kun, but it might be one in the future.

Thirdly, I, sangofe, have been busy lately painting our house and isolating the house on the inside. In addition to this, I’m becoming a father in the coming days… I’ve just become a father. Plus I might take on studies in January 2014. Needless to say, I’m becoming busy, so I doubt I’ll be able to be a back-up timer and quality check every episode. Much less translate.

Finally, our editor, konnakude, has been sick a lot recently, so please wish him good and speedy recovery!

P.S Our timer warned us he’ll get soon very busy and slow.

24 thoughts to “We want YOU!”

  1. Next week (tomorrow onward) will be a vacation week for me, so I’ll still be active and fast again for that period of time at least. No guarantees what happens after that.

    Also, good communication! Should do this more often. 😉

  2. i owe juggen some sort of things, so you can count on me for typesetting
    even tho i know right now typesetting isnt an urgent need for this project

  3. I wish I could help, but the only thing I can offer is editing. I might recommend putting up a need help thread somewhere on MAL, though. There are quite a few talented hands over there.

  4. I say make a joint collab with Asenshi, Hiryuu, Oyatsu or Evetaku. That should solve any issues you may be having.

  5. They’re welcome to collab with us whenever they want. It just depends on the show and amount of interest we have. Since I hate soccer, I have no interest in collabing on Tsubasa. As of right now, we’ll just be championing on with Salaryman and Beast Saga.

  6. @toomuchpudding: Besides, not so many fansubs are interested to work on such old series. They prefer to sub the running shows. I think I can count less than 10 fansubs who takes on this heavy task to sub the old gems.

  7. Kuroiryuu if needed I can go around asking if needed. being the groups mentioned usually do a lot of joint projects. Konnakude sometimes Evetaku or Doremi or Oyatsu tend to pick up old shows, so I can ask if they are also interested in a joint collab.

  8. What’s wrong with not releasing twice weekly? This show gets the royalty treatment compared to Ashita no Joe and Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! whose rate of release nobody seems to care about.

  9. It’s about keeping a good pace, or else the project will stall. Plus, two episodes weekly should be plenty doable if we’ve got the staff for it.

  10. What sangofe said. This series is way too long so we want to keep it moving. It’s actually faster because it’s getting a *less than royal* treatment (seeing as how things are done with less members/quality).

    Wouldn’t mind seeing releases packed into sets of two, though, just to make it not dominate the blog posts.

  11. Yeah, there’s a reason we release under another label. We want stuff done instead of having the ultimate quality with every release.

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