H2 – 03

H2 - 03

Finally back with more H2. Unfortunately this time, I have to write the news post… :/
Sending the only guy who’s not working on this show. 😛 I guess I should eventually watch this show, though. What do you guys think, worth the watch? ^^

Sorry for messing around with the torrent, but recently we’ve had trouble with releasing on TokyoTosho, and apparently it’s because our website info isn’t allowed.

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Anything you need to know about Saizen Speedsubs

Saizen Speedsubs will probably never be used again, it will either be Saizen Hacksubs or simply Saizen.


I decided to make this section in order to not have anyone asking questions, so read this carefully.

1.What is Saizen Speedsubs? Saizen Speedsubs is more or less Saizen, but with less or no QC. For now this tag will only be used for Captain Tsubasa, starting with episode 38.

2. Why Saizen Speedsubs? Since I started the Captain Tsubasa project I’ve been very tired of slow progress on the project (read 2-5 weeks to QC one episode). In addition to slow work, people were just not communicating well enough, and I was very close to just quit. That is why I thought it was about time to do something, but for a long time, I didn’t have the resources. This was until recently when konnakude said he wanted to edit two episodes a week, and presented me to one of his translator friends. After that, we were lucky enough when tyroz said yes to help encoding, so now we’re 2-3 translators working on this, and 2 encoders.

3. What to expect? I’ll be honest; if you’re a fansubber, you’ll notice a dip in quality because we’ll simply skip steps if people haven’t done their task under 48 hours. The only steps we won’t skip are translation checking and editing, but if the typesetting isn’t done in time, so be it. Same with the quality checking. Most people will probably not notice much, though.

4. Will you you do normal high quality Saizen releases later? Probably not, but who knows? Most of us are busy people with busy lives, so chances we’ll just try to get through this series without Saizen’s usual care for high quality.

5.What are your goals? As long as the encoders, translators and editors do the work we’ve planned to, we’ll be aiming for two episodes weekly. If we finish the project remains to be seen.