16 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa – 38”

  1. Has anyone who has watched this release noticed any obvious quality issues with the “speedsub” version?

  2. Is this speed subbing really because sangofe will be leaving the fansubing seen to become a slave to diapers? Will the series get dropped when he leaves!?

  3. Thanks Sangofe.
    Curious to know if you guys have a section\paypal for donations?
    Unless I’m blind I’m guessing you don’t have one so you don’t feel any obligation to work on any project that you don’t want to.

  4. We pretty much work on whatever we feel like, yeah.

    We did have one at one point, though. We only used the money to pay for DVDs, translations etc. Then we received a too big donation for Igano and the account got frozen since we couldn’t explain where the money came from and couldn’t get in touch with the donor. ^^; I had to pay $90 so we could finish Igano, that kinda sucked. ^^

    Sangofe has always been a release speed freak. It’s correct that soon he’ll be the Diaper Man, though.

  5. The project won’t get dropped even though I get a daughter. Fear not. There’s plenty of other people around to carry it on should I be too busy. The reason we went speedsubs was mostly because I got piss angry by the slow progress, like Juggen said. But it also does seem to have motivated more people than just me.

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