Ashita no Joe – 60

Quite a lot of releases lately, but less of Ashita no Joe. I’d like to go into detail, but let’s just blame all the people whining about when the next episode is gonna get released instead. That’s also why we’ve decided to drop Ashita no Joe. But, since a few more episodes have been translated, we’ve decided to release till episode 79 before we drop the show for real. No hard feelings, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Great! It is a shame that you will drop it after you finished subbing it… after all this years, Joe deserves better ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Woo! So glad to see this. It had been a while, and I was getting a bit worried. And you had me going, too. Well played.

    I love boxing. Thanks for subbing this, really. Also, glad to see you still plan to do Ashita no Joe 2. I assume that also suggests you’ll still be subbing the movies afterward.

  3. Well, we enjoy what we’re doing so we’re gonna keep subbing Ashita no Joe 2 regardless of what others do. We also are confident we can do much more accurate translations than what they put out (they’ve said flat out they do french-english translations without a tl check, and our tl checker checked out one of the episodes).

    So yeah, what they do is not something we care about.

  4. Almost 2 months ago… I feared something…
    And now this realease and announcement ^^.
    You can drop it AFTER ep 79, definitely.
    Thanks Saizen, Thanks Hokuto No Gun.

  5. It’s not all about you guys though. This series is one of the most influential anime and manga series of all time. I mean that from everything from how the Japanese had a real life funeral for one of the characters to even little details like Joe being the first shonen protagonist to use the pronoun “ore” instead of boku and setting the standard for the whole wild hotblooded protagonest archetype. And several other details I could probably write a book on if I wanted.

    But, yeah. Even if you stopped working on it right now (or even if you didn’t care much for it to begin with), what you’ve done is huge and bringing something of significance to English speaking audiences is an amazing thing. I personally thank you for having the balls to take on a project like this.

  6. Also, even if you don’t do Ashita no Joe 2, I won’t hold it against you. I am just glad that someone (whether they realized it or not) managed to bring such a landmark series to English speaking viewers.

  7. Please do Ashita No Joe 2 =(, I really love your guys quality subs. I don’t mind waiting a little longer for quality subs of one of my favorite series. I do tend to miss Joe in between the breaks, but I usually just fill that deep void with other animes.

  8. So I take it the next releases will be up with less downtime? What was the big delay anyway? Vacations? Or you guys put more priority on Miyuki and such?

  9. Nah, we just got tired of everyone asking how long it’d take for the next Joe ep, so we figured the more we stalled, the more people would just give up and forget about it.

  10. Yeah after 3 times that joke is getting old, could you actually answer my question now?

  11. It’s hardly a joke. Fact of the matter (and the answer to your question) is that there is no delay because we have no schedule. We release when eps are ready and work on them when we get time to do so. And we’re less inclined to pump hours into something just for people to ask us whether we’re slow because we’re prioritising another project that has completely different staff (for starters, Miyuki is a FroZen project, meaning a lot of the staff are Frostii people anyway). Frankly, it’s insulting, and only gets more so with its repetition.

    Yes, there was a month and a half between Joe releases. No, this does not indicate “a major delay” or that we are “back on track” – long term followers of the series will know that Joe goes through speedy patches and slow patches (we’ve been subbing it since late 2006/early 2007, I believe) so, yeah, I think that says all you really need to know. Just be thankful the “delays” aren’t longer as they have been in the past.

  12. And to put the project staffing into perspective – I’m Saizen’s most prolific editor at the moment (scary, huh? ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I’m not on Ashita no Joe OR Miyuki. Nor do I edit on a number of other projects we’re doing. Just thought I’d prove that speed of one project != neglect of another.

    Except Beast Saga. I’m stalling the ass out of that one ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. If you’re going to base whether or not you work on something by people asking for more episodes, you will end up only subbing the unpopular stuff, as any major popular project, like AnJ, will have more people asking when the next episode is.
    This is just a basic rule of the internet, and one of those reasons why you can not get mad, or take seriously, a vocal minority that posts out of frustration, as you will just fuck over the majority of watchers and potentially even turn them into more of the frustrated minority.

    Also, as far as the whole Miyuki thing goes, if you keep releasing things that you guys yourself call pedo shows/episodes, you really can’t be surprised if people call you out on it.
    Even if you guys don’t directly create it, by dumping in on your front page you associate yourself with it.
    If some group wanted you to post a anime version of Mein Kampf, would you be surprised if people called you nazi’s?

  14. I actually think an anime version of Mein Kampf might be of historical interest (unless they made it a moeblob show *shudder*).

    I’m not saying it’s a conscious decision NOT to sub something (to be honest, if we had thoughts like that, we’d just pack subbing in altogether), it’s more that it’s harder to build up the motivation to get shit done when it just leads to the inevitable barrage of questions like the ones above.

    Anyway, your excuse that you ask these questions because you like the show is… Well, have you tried reading what you’ve written? Actually, I’ve just reread it myself and I’ll say this:

    I don’t take your question seriously (and I’m not mad either) so I won’t answer it. Have a nice day ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. Also, just to dig the dagger in deeper, I think I’ve probably been around the internet a lot longer than you have, so I’d ask you kindly not to lecture me on “the basic rules of the internet.” Thanks kindly.

  16. Probably like Hetalia but with more genocide.

    I know it’s about motivation, but it doesn’t really matter, if you get demotivated by those comments, you should not read them.
    In the SC2 community we’ve had casters collapsing in tears because they where stupid enough to read comments while they where casting, either you need to be able to ignore the haters, or just not read them, mostly for your own sanity.

    And I don’t know if something was lost in translation on your end, but I really don’t see where I stated I asked these questions because I love the show.
    Nor do I know what question you’re not taking seriously, the only real question, why the big delay, you’ve already answered, to your ability. The comment about Miyuki wasn’t a question, just relativizing the situation for you, as clearly you guys think having pedo shows on your frontpage is something you should not be held accountable for.

    And I’m sorry but not taking internet opinions seriously is something you should learn very quickly after discovering the internets, if you base your entire rationale on the opposite, clearly, you, or the guys that are making AnJ, are doing something wrong.
    Oh, and FYI, I’m a motherfucking internet dinosaur, I respectfully disagree with your experience assessment.

  17. You sound about 12, so I highly doubt it. Anyway, this conversation bores me now, so I’m going to do something useful like editing (ironically – or perhaps, proving my point? – all those tl;dr posts I’ve been writing HAVE affected the speed of this episode I’m doing). All I’ll say as a message to everyone thinking of posting similar questions:

    Don’t post them.
    I’ve responded politely today, but too much of this and I’ll just break out the banhammer. That’s the best way I’ve found to “ignore the haters” ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Finished your conversation in HnG, now you’ve come to settle it here at Saizen? Wow, internet sure has some bastards on it Hahaha

  19. Uh, Mr. Speedwagon, Juggen is the one saying we are pedos about Miyuki and he does not even like the show. Nobody else on that show think the same as him. As for Ashita no Joe… Like FalseDawn said, it’s been a very long project. I’ve been on it more or less since the start, and it’s been very tough at times. I think we’ve had about 10 editors and 10 translators. We don’t really like when people like you use words as “delays”, because we’re not following a schedule as we do this in our free time. Real life always comes first. But rest assured, unless everybody in the staff dies, this project will be finished. Therefore I suggest you to watch other shows or rewatch older anj episodes if you have trouble waiting, because we are not slaves doing with people demand us to do.

  20. I did warn him. I’ve deleted his posts because he’s obviously just an ass (and not even an interesting troll – I enjoy beating them, but this guy doesn’t know when he’s been made a fool of). Next step is banning him from the site (yes, we do have your IP address, Mr Speedwagon), so he has been warned a second time here. Please grow up and stop ruining it for all the other AnJ fans in here.

  21. Sangofe, I know you guys have no obligation to do jack shit, but I really don’t see the issue in asking about any form of scheduled releases, I don’t see how someone that’s not a regular should know you guys have regular release schedules for anything but AnJ. Especially as going by groups like Commie and HnG, scheduled releases do seem to be the standard.

    FALSEDAWN EDIT IN POST: You seem to be forgetting, Mr. Speedwagon, that I have all the power in here, not you. I’ve left some relevant info because it wasn’t as inflammatory, but I’ve snipped all your failed trolling because frankly, it was getting embarrassing. As others have said, insulting members of a subgroup that you want to give you stuff isn’t the best way to go about things, but hey, I guess they don’t teach manners these days. If you really want me to point out all your contradictions and exactly where you’ve “trolled” us, I will, but I figured I’d save you further embarrassment because you know, it’s not really worth my time.

  22. Oh, before I forget, don’t actually want to do any of these things, Sangofe, you actually seem like a nice guy, but when someone just starts attacking you because he’s frustrated people ask questions, one can get rather pissed the hell off, I’d love to go back to just go back to giving you guys compliments when you do timely releases, all of this nonsense will just mean wasted time for both parties, but alas, do what you will.

    : Interested to know how I “attacked” you. From where I’m sitting, I answered your question and let you know that it was a pretty insulting question to ask a fansub group (even if other groups tolerate it – after 7 years of subbing, I’m less likely to look upon it favourably than a newer group, perhaps, but that doesn’t mean that the question/demand is any less insulting). At no point did I “attack” you, and in fact, the extent of my insults were calling you a troll (which, let’s face it, you are) and telling you that you sounded like you had the maturity of the average 12 year old. Hardly worth the splurge of nastiness that poured from you :S

  23. Just as a point of clarity, HnG doesn’t have an actual release schedule, at least not the kind you’re thinking of. We just make sure we only release one thing a day to give every release the amount of time it deserves on the top of the site, and we try to release things that have gone the longest without a release first. As for actually getting episodes/chapters done, WE HAVE NO SCHEDULE. Everyone works on it when they have time to spare, and we only schedule something for a release when it’s 100% done and ready to go. No sooner, no later. Literally the only reason we’ve been able to release for over 600 days without missing a day is because we’ve had dedicated staff who’ve been fortunate enough to have lots of time on their hands. Some of our other staff members for other projects haven’t been so fortunate, and the same goes for Saizen. So please don’t lump us in with speed-subbing groups like Commie.

    You may have been on the internet for a while, but you quite clearly have never been in a sub group. You don’t know what you’re talking about here. I answered your question back on HnG to the best of my ability, FalseDawn answered your question further here, and you chose to respond by being rude and demanding. That is the ultimate insult to us who do this all for free, in our spare time that we could be using for our own enjoyment, without any compensation but the thanks from our fans. We appreciate the compliments for timely releases, but we would also appreciate compliments for untimely releases because those are often the ones we struggled the most to get done. As Sangofe said, we are not your slaves. We don’t have to sub Ashita no Joe. We’re doing it because we want to. Is a little gratitude for that too much to ask?

  24. And I thought that the main rule of the internet was never to ask a fansub group when the next episode will be out…

  25. >compliments for untimely releases

    Yeah! Why the hell don’t we get more people linking us to motivationals of cats on tightropes with the words “HANG IN THERE!” written underneath? ๐Ÿ˜€

    That’d motivate us so much more than saying “back on schedule now, then?”

  26. FALSEDAWN EDIT IN POST: My god, you’re dumb.

    P.S. It can’t be a flame war when I’m neutering all your “arguments”. But hey, if you come up with anything intelligent to say, let us know. Until then, expect the same treatment.

  27. Speedwagon: we simply don’t answer questions about the subbing process because then everybody would demand that all the time, and it’d annoy the hell out of us. And then there would be people going to that poor person who’d be stalling the project and harassing him, resulting in him probably quitting. So, end of story, we’ll almost never answer questions about what’s up on projects. You’ll hear it from us in a news post when we decide to.

  28. I don’t have the same patience False has, hence I start trolling sooner.
    I do enjoy miyuki, but I find some pedo stuff a bit absurd.
    Our time of release don’t concern you guys, the eps will be out when they are finished as has already been stated.
    It seems you have a good idea of what was stalling AnJ, so why do you need a written report of the matter?
    And you have multiple people telling you of your bad behaviour, ever thought about you ever being wrong, or you won’t give up this discussion till we acknowledge your points? If so, I suggest we all ignore further comments.

  29. I hope this Speedwagon individual lays off the crank and actually reads the reply this time.

    “Really, this whole stupid mess could have been avoided if Mr. Dawn or whoever would have seriously responded to my question…” but his question is just the usual stupid question and the answer has always been the same.

    He reminds me of a youth near my yard, always asking money for a can of beer. When you say no, he’ll call you all kind of names behind your back — literally, almost as soon as you walk on. Then, next time you pass, he asks again. And next time, and so on. You got to wonder, does he know people laugh at him?

  30. I wouldn’t worry about walls of texts, guys. He’s a troll so I’m treating him like one. He had the same attitude on HnG’s site before he came over here (Yes, I read that conversation too, Speedwagon – after all, the internet isn’t your own private backyard) so he’s basically just trying to wind us up (and he’s not very good at it either).

    Looking at his nick with the JoJo reference, he’s just one of those gg fans (or staff in disguise maybe, though not sure why they’d bug us over here – boredom?) who thinks this kind of behaviour is acceptable. Newsflash: it’s not. Now go and play with your toys elsewhere please. Speedwagon: Your posts will either be edited or deleted, depending what kind of mood I’m in, because I can do that, you know ๐Ÿ˜€

  31. What the fuck happened to this comment section? Speedwagon only speaks for himself. Please don’t think of him as all of us.

    It is a godsend that anyone is undertaking a translation of one of the most underrated anime in the west. Despite how influential AnJ was to manga and anime in Japan, nobody has ever heard of it. And that’s a goddamn shame.

    I don’t care how long it takes, just as long as someone is doing it. As you said, you didn’t even have to translate this series. I’m grateful that you did. Even if you stopped, I’d hope at least someone else would do it because this series is too damn important to just die.

    For the sake of tomorrow, shut the fuck up Speedwagon.

  32. Also, what I said before “Itโ€™s not all about you guys though.”

    I worded that wrong. Well, what I meant to say is that I doubt people are taking issue with just you. A series like this has huge expectations from people who know what it is and that can cause people to be cranky sometimes.

    Be careful of confusing overexcited people high on hype and wanting to witness a “legendary” anime with actual hate comments like Speedwagon.

  33. Also my apologizes if I’ve been rude at all.
    I’m just excited, really, to even think of this show being fansubbed.

  34. You know the funny thing about all this? AnJ isn’t even like our most downloaded show. If we were releasing according to download numbers alone, we’d be firing out Beast Saga like there’s no tomorrow (for Joe) ๐Ÿ˜€

    EDIT AFTER MORE NUMBER-CRUNCHING: Ha, it turns out that Miyuki gets more downloads than Joe. That really takes the wind out of Speedwagon’s sails, doesn’t it? ๐Ÿ˜€

  35. “The most popular anime you and Saizen subbing” indeed (yes, he said that on our site before I disemvoweled him)… Well for HnG that’d easily be Kinnikuman so I guess he’s wrong on both counts.

  36. Saizen doesnt need to sub AnJ2 since Takara is already nearing the end of it.

    Dont worry Speedwagon, I still love you.


  37. We don’t need to do anything, no. We don’t need to finish subbing AnJ, but we will. Same goes for AnJ2.


  38. So may be. And afaik, it doesn’t concern you, does is? Since you are gonna watch Takara anyways. And frankly, we don’t really care either if you are missing out on our subs or not. ^^

  39. Thanks for banning that idiot. And it may not be the most popular, but it sure as hell is the most underrated. I remember showing the series to a friend and he thought the show ripped off the Cross Counter from Street Fighter. I’m not even kidding.

  40. Also if anyone is feeling impatient, why not just read the manga in the meantime? The anime is pretty faithful to it but the manga still covers some things here and there that the anime doesn’t.

    Though if you’re reading it scanlated, I hear the first few volumes are flipped and have odd translations. But thanks to Saizen, you should already know what they’re properly saying since the anime stays very close to the source material.

  41. *EDIT AFTER MORE NUMBER-CRUNCHING: Ha, it turns out that Miyuki gets more downloads than Joe. That really takes the wind out of Speedwagonโ€™s sails, doesnโ€™t it?*

    To be honest, it takes the winds out of my sails too LOL. Watch Ashita no Joe you freakin’ tards! Ashita no Joe > everything that ever existed!

    Oh and thanks Saizen as always. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I actually watch Takara fansubs, they did a pretty great job with a few other anime and AnJ 2 is watchable *but* as has been mentioned the translation is off at times and Saizen will do a better job. So heck man, if they wanna have fun subbing AnJ why would anyone have any problems with a better quality version being released?

  42. Some people may not be downloading from Saizen though.
    I first learned that Ashita no Joe was being fansubbed from a completely unrelated torrent site.

    Also I should probably use a username to avoid being confused with other Anonymous people but image boards have spoiled me.

  43. Actually, scratch that. It was actually from Usenet. I get free Usenet and it tends to be faster than torrents so up until now I’ve been getting it from there.

  44. You’re all doing it wrong anyway. xdcc is where it’s at (leeching off dem IRC bots ftw) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  45. I’ve been following Saizen for a good couple of years now, and I must say while I’m extremely grateful [i]someone[/i] is subbing AnJ, I must also say I’m extremely disappointed with the perceivable maturity level of the staff, based on their comments. They seem to get extremely defensive and insulting for little to no reason. It’s quite disappointing.

    I know this post will probably be deleted, but I wanted to offer another thanks to you guys for staying true to AnJ, but really wish you would be more objective and professional in your comments— it makes you appear to be the immature ones when you shoot back confrontational, defensive replies like that.

    Thanks, and don’t worry about comments from strangers on the internet so much— you’ll be better people.

  46. I love how you people think you know so much, yet know so little. Before you try to teach us the ways of life, not really bringing anything constructive to the table, just calling us out as immature (and apparently it’s we insulting others), how about you read this?

    Also, if you know you’re being mean and the comment “will probably be deleted,” why do you still post it? It’s stuff like this, along with questions about why and when stuff will be out that really put us off. There’s no reason to do so, but you still do it, since you think you’re special or something. Since you said “thanks” it’s okay to be a jerk? I have no idea…

    Eventually we’ll end up not reading or replying to comments if this keeps up, if that’s what you guys prefer. Maybe it’s even possible to remove comments.

  47. Tbd, reading the comments that are still left in this thread may unfortunately skew how “nasty” we come across. I’d like to point out that Speedwagon was intentionally trolling and that became clear when he started abusing other people in this thread (not staff members, but fans) – he also couldn’t make up his mind whether he liked AnJ or not, so he was clearly just here to cause drama. I’m afraid you’ll just have to believe me when I say that my in-post edits were entirely justified even if it doesn’t seem as clearcut after the event. We are loathe to delete posts in general, but be assured that in this case, it was necessary for the mental health of our other fans. Your post will not be deleted as we have no issue with feedback, we only take issue with trolls.

    As mentioned above, I’ve been around these parts for a long time (I mean, I’ve racked up seven years subbing experience for starters – and this is mild compared to what you got back in 2005/2006) so I know how to spot genuine questions from trolls purposefully fanning the flames. And as I also said above, if we listened to fans/strangers moaning and took them seriously, we’d probably quit subbing altogether. It’s often been said that fansubbing is a thankless task and I think the comments in this newspost only serve to prove that.

    As you will notice, I did give Speedwagon time to talk his point through so that he had the opportunity to repent for the frankly insulting question of “When’s the next ep?” which I can understand on something that’s had a significant time between releases and the prospects of it being dropped are somewhat higher, but when something’s just been released in a series that’s always had changeable release times… well, that’s plain ignorance and in my view, the asker of said question should be made aware of that (or rather, they should know this already – it’s called etiquette, it’s not hard).

    Our response, though justified, may have come across as more heavy-handed than necessary, but please understand that recently, every post by a fan seems to be a variation on “When’s the next ep?” and this was just the straw that broke the camel’s back (hence the new Rules page). I hope you can see it from our perspective on how it would get a little tiresome repeating the same answer to the same question over and over and over again.

    tl;dr We didn’t mean to come across as defensive and insulting (this was never our intention except to those who deserve a kick up the jacksy) and hope that your future visits to this site will find us a more cheery mood.

    (Though if you’re looking for maturity, fansub groups really aren’t the place to be seeking it out >.>)

  48. I think you get maturity points in subbing such a classic period piece like AnJ. Just sayin’

    Or any classic anime instead of just whatever is new and having 10 groups fight over subbing it

  49. Not to mention, sports anime in general tends to be neglected. Mad props for doing shows like AnJ and Tsubasa.

    Though, I can’t quite tell if you’re a fan of these shows (AnJ particularly) or are just doing it for the hell of it but whatever I won’t even ask. I just want to say thanks.

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