Ashita no Joe – 59

We’re on a roll, yadda yadda, and all that other bullshit. =)

I guess I should announce that we intend to sub season 2 once we’re done with season 1. We still haven’t made a decision regarding the movies (Bluray), but I know I’m definitely up for doing the first movie once the first series is done, but hold on to the second movie, however, since I don’t really wanna spoil anything. ^^

For now, here’s episode 59. =)

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82 thoughts to “Ashita no Joe – 59”

  1. Might not be the best place to ask this but after you finish this and season 2(in probably 3 or so years) do you intend to pick kabocha wine back up?

    I actually picked up some raw episodes and with my even with my limited understanding of spoken Japanese i thought it was great.

  2. Dhruv: future will tell. But do know that I for example am 30 now, and my girl friend’s having a kid in September/October. Several members are just a couple of years younger than me. Yes, that means real life has priority, and it’s absolutely impossible to have plans that far ahead.

    The reason the Kabocha wine hasn’t been picked up again is mainly we don’t have the staff we need for it, and also because of its length. Yes, I know Captain Tsubasa will be just as much work to do, but that’s done by other people, and so is AnJ, but for Kabocha, we would need to build a new team for it to happen at all.

  3. Pfft, you know as well as I do, sangofe, that we’ll be doing this till we’re eligible for our pensions πŸ˜€

  4. I dont really like Noriko kinda boring and doesnt really have anything to do with the plot, shes better off with nishi actually.

  5. Ah well, I didn’t give up with a new title like this “Rikiishi’s Revived!” :D, about Joe’s gf, I see Nori-chan looks better than Yohko since she’s better love scenes than Mrs.Shiraki.

    P.S: Thanks Saizen’s staff and fans for your good comments ^^

  6. @sangofe: If you do plan to pick it up eventually i’d be willing to offering my services to you for the position of editor and QC’er.
    Better to help it get done rather than sit on eggs and wait for someone else to do it for you. Your release pace matches my free time so it wouldn’t really be a problem for me. Rest is upto you.

  7. Well, people just don’t walk into Saizen, but feel free to take our tests. After that we can talk. Sorry, don’t mean to sound like an ass, but most people trying to join fail to meet our standards. And we can’t be less strict, or else the quality of our releases will drop.

  8. Takara subs already released ANJ2 ep 37… just 10 more eps, and they will be done with fresh releases, and then maybe deadfish will encode it into mp4. So, just my 2 cents, but I don’t think it makes a lot of sense for Saizen to do redundant subbing of a series.

  9. Your “2 cents” means 0 cents to us. Firstly, they translate from french without a translation check, secondly, their timing isn’t all that good, and thirdly, I don’t even think they edit or quality check (but I might be wrong on the last part?). Our subs will not be “redundant”, they will be a quality option.

  10. It’s good that Takara subs ANJ2, so that you people can go watch it. ANJ is a helluva good series, however, and deserves a high quality sub, in my opinion. I’m more than certain we can provide this to you guys, and like sangofe just said, will be an option for you guys who desire a high quality sub.

  11. Really, Sangofe, I know Saizen is supposedly the best in the business, but…
    The people at Takara involved with this project are doing it out of love for the anime, just like you. Not everyone has the same fansubbing resources available as Saizen…

  12. Rokuro, firstly, it doesn’t matter. Secondly, Saizen hasn’t gotten a huge staff like you’d think, and we’ve paid to get japanese-english translations done over the years. Secondly, I never said anything about their reason for doing it. I merely spoke about the result that is not up to our standards, thus we want to fansub season 2. They could have decided not to fansub it, which we would have done in their situation, if we couldn’t have done proper quality releases. If they choose to still do it, then that’s their choice, but it’s also our right to say and do what we want.

  13. Not like we have ever cared about another group doing a show or not. If we want to do something, we will, regardless of whoever else has already done it or what others think, simple as that. :/

  14. I would’ve never assumed members of Saizen are so arrogant (or at least, leave that impression)…

    I would expect a Saizen release to be of higher quality, sure, but by your reasoning a lot of anime should’ve never be subbed due to lacking quality standards. Personally I would rather have releases that lack a certain standard than have no releases at all.

    Anyway, good luck with your releases.

  15. Rokuro, why is it that our vision of fansubbing has to match with yours?

    We never said that subbing with less quality is bad. Just like any other “business” has to find their niche, so do we. We, Saizen, simply chose quality over quantity. We also happen to prefer oldies, and have subbed several shows that previously had no subs at all: Yawara, Igano Kabamaru etc.

    And, since this is a hobby, you can’t disregard the fact that perhaps we want to spend our free time on shows we do enjoy. AnJ being one of them. Also, we picked up AnJ 2007, and Takara picked up S2 2010. So by your logic, Takara should never have picked up S2 to begin with, since we were doing S1. Also, who are you to decide if we should or shouldn’t continue doing S2 once we’re done with S1? I find this logic far from flawless…

    So before you start calling us arrogant, perhaps you should look yourself in the mirror first?

  16. Juggen, nowhere have I stated that I have any issues with Saizen doing AnJ 2, on the contrary. What I took some offense to was sangofe’s rather summary dismissal of the Takara release. He may have some points, but his presentation…

    “They could have decided not to fansub it, which we would have done in their situation, if we couldn’t have done proper quality releases.”

    *shrugs* I love the releases Saizen puts out, I just didn’t expect this kind of reaction.

  17. That’s what you make it sound like. A-Style sounded like he didn’t want us to do AnJ2, whereas sangofe happened to take it a bit too personal and explained our reasons for doing our own version.

    And for some reason you have to defend Takara. From our perspective, the Takara subs may look really bad, and they probably are too, to a certain degree. That doesn’t mean we have anything against the people at Takara or people watching their subs.

    What sangofe tried to say is simply that if we don’t have the people necessary to bring out quality subs, we won’t pick that show up, and Takara has that option too, but like I already explained (sorta), probably don’t care, and are happy to bring out subs of the quality that they currently do, which is FINE.

    So if you’d be so kind to stop arguing about pointless stuff and misinterpreting everything, we’d really appreciate it, cause I dunno how to explain this any better.

  18. Uhh… When I said that it does not make sense for Saizen to do redundant subbing, I did not intend for a flame war to start over quality of subs. It’s just that in the past, I’ve only seen one anime that was being subbed by 2 groups at the same time – Clannad After Story. Otherwise, if somebody is subbing a series, other groups leave the aforementioned series alone. The reason for that was that accusations of plagiarism were really flying back then, esp. with translations.

    One reason I started liking Saizen – you guys did stuff that nobody else was willing to do, like in the case of ANJ. Or, you’d pick up a project that was dropped for some reason by another group.

    So basically, if Saizen wants to go on their own and release ANJ2, I think it would be wise to wait until Takara seeds are only on bakabt.

  19. Fansubbing = serious business.

    Wow, A-Style, where have you been hanging? Because it’s not around the fansubbing scene in the last seven or eight years πŸ˜€

    Nearly every show I’ve seen come out in that time has had a number of groups on them, ranging from two to ridiculous numbers. Take Attack on Titan, for instance: we dropped after the first episode, but a cursory glance tells me that at least 5 groups are still working on it – and that’s over and above the crunchyroll/funi rips that didn’t exist back in the day.

    Yes, Saizen does have a habit of picking up series that haven’t been subbed (or the current subs for the series aren’t up to scratch in our view), but that doesn’t limit our choices. In a sense, we sub in a bit of a vacuum, ignoring what other groups around us are doing and just getting on with what we do best πŸ˜€

  20. A-Style, that statement is really not true, I have no idea who told you this lie. Just go to AniDB, find one of your favorite (old) series, and look at how many groups have actually been working on it. While After Story might just have had two different subs, Clannad had at least five, and if you go to AniDB, you’ll also find that about ten groups have made their own dvd/bluray rip of After Story, and I’d bet 80-90% of those uses the same subs too, being those from SS-Eclipse.

    Like I said earlier, this is a hobby, and if a fansub group wants to sub a show, they probably will, regardless of who else does it. In a perfect scenario, people wouldn’t “compete” over a series, and instead use their effort on other unsubbed shows and what not. But again, you can’t tell anyone what they should do with their free time. We don’t force you to watch shows you don’t like, do we?

    And obviously, fansub groups want other people to grab their subs over the others. While we strive for quality, most groups nowadays tries to be the fastest group to release, since that gets you most downloads. We typically don’t care about that, and release when we feel the quality is up to our standards, and work on a show when we feel we have time and don’t let fansubbing get in the way of our real lives (most of the times >_>).

    I have no idea what you meant with your last statement, but we don’t care about what Takara does, we’re a different group of people, and we will carry on with providing high quality subs of shows we like, including oldies, unsubbed shows, and god knows what, probably till pension, like Falsedawn said. ^^

  21. haha, come on now juggen and sangofe πŸ˜‰
    by now you guys still can’t take a critique without flipping out? πŸ˜›
    sure maybe you aren’t literally flipping out but the way you snub other people still sounds like years ago guys, even i grew up a bit πŸ˜‰
    you can make your point without taking a jab at someone else’s work you know. They have a point that those other guys are at least offering an option, nobody is forced to take it, but no need to note it 100x that you think they pretty much suck. it DOES sound arrogant the way you present your argument, totally arrogant, but when you’re on the inside you might not notice it yourself. Your work speaks for itself, you don’t need to over-emphasize your point so much and so often.

  22. Instead of feeding even more trolls and overly mature kids, I’ll just say this: Try to actually read my comments, realize that we have nothing against Takara, and will continue releasing high quality subs, regardless of what anyone else thinks about our work and motives.

  23. smalldickperson, I think you’re just trying to provoke so you can have a laugh or something. (besides, your nick isn’t really easy to take seriously)

    If I’ve reacted agressively, it’s because there are so many of you so-called “leechers” that complain and demand, and think we fansub for *them*. That’s where they’re wrong as I mainly do this because I love Ashita no Joe, the team I’m working with, and also want subs I can store that I consider high quality.

    And, I don’t really care about what others do… they can do whatever they want, but so should also we be allowed to. I’ll quote myself, “if they choose to still do it, then that’s their choice, but it’s also our right to say and do what we want.”

    If you guys are bitter because we don’t slave at your desire, then too bad for you. Suck it up and learn Japanese if you have a certain show you absolutely want english subbed.

    That’s all.

  24. I think one should realize that most fansubbers work for free or spend money on raws or even translations because they like the group channel life, have a big ego, or have some other egotistic reason, rather than being charity workers optimizing hours over unsubbed series. Not all groups are Orphan lovers ;D

    It’s totally our choice as to what we do, as it is your choice to DL what you like.

    Now stop bickering and go watch some anime…

  25. well it’s nice that you want to continue subing joe. But i hope that you in the meantime will pick some other subless shows like Masuda Kousuke Gekijou Gag Manga Biyori or Gun-dou Musashi.

  26. sangoofy, why are you being so mean? Is something in real life bugging you? Are you pregnant or something? Relax this is the Internet, you don’t have to take everything so seriously… I’m sure everyone appreciates what you do.

  27. Didn’t expect this of all things!

    We’re doing AnJ S2 because we want to, and because we like the show. I, as the editor, am really looking forward to editing Season 2!

    At the end of the day, we fansub because we like it, not according to some ethical code or any other reason.

    You, of course, are free to watch whatever release you like πŸ˜‰


  28. Hey i am a visitor too. And a latest one at that. :/

    Just sub what you want, if i like it i’ll accept it with open arms, if i don’t i won’t give you shit for it at least. Go with this attitude Rakuro.
    Saizen will sub what they want to, you can only suggest them stuff to sub(something what i did and offered help for it) and if they like it they will do it eventually. It’s not like they are running because of you that you can actually challenge or question their actions.

  29. Tom: you’re spelling my nick very wrongly, and no, I’m not pregnant, but my girl friend is πŸ™‚ If you say I’ve been mean, that means you have been taking things seriously, as well.

  30. This group were on the brink of dying a couple of years ago… It’s almost funny how people now have such high expectations from us. =) Suppose this dorama can be seen as a good sign too. ^^

  31. sangofe, oh congrats! You must be quite the stallion. Are you having twins? Maybe you can train them to be A tier fansubers πŸ™‚
    Juggen, good job on the Shaman King release! I’d given up hope on a high quality release after Anime-HQ dropped it…

  32. Thanks, Tom and Johnny πŸ™‚ Hehe, thank god no, we’re not having twins. You know, FalseDawn joked saying I had to teach my kid timing, lol.

  33. Uh, we have quite a bit on our plates at the moment, but who knows, maybe later if we really like it.

  34. I’m not trolling UTW translation it’s really bad, see the movie and if you know anything of japanese you understand what i mean, i hope you people do the movie in the future.

  35. I don’t, but if you do, why don’t you offer your help or fix those issues on your own? The subtitles are softsubbed after all, should be piece of cake. I don’t think we at Saizen will do it tbh.

  36. Thanks juggen but it’s okay, the thing i really like it’s if you will do the movie one day, it’s only a sugerence, nothing more.

  37. Issei, maybe in five years? Do you realize how many projects we have already going? Thanks for understanding.

  38. @sangofe Wow sangofe, what have you done!? Your girlfriend is having a baby, your life is OVER! Get ready for endless nights of the baby crying, less free time, an increase in money spending etc. Thank you for all the fansubing you’ve done mate, congrats.

  39. John: Hehe. You need to come on irc so we can chat some day. You sound like a fun dude. PS. Thanks πŸ™‚

  40. Checking out the UTW staff for Unimited Blade Works, which I watched a few years without issues, but memories are hazy…

    Hm. Staff = Raze, Kusion, Path, etc. Then, I will not belive you without proof. And AnJ 59’s comment section isn’t the place for that.

    (I’ve seen many “That TL sucks!” and when checked it was spot on, so real examples are the only thing I trust πŸ˜‰

  41. Ok, for example the line of 1:10:30 to 1:10:35.
    Archer and Shirou “competing in sword creation” with “competing by crossing swords”.
    A few examples, there are more things.

  42. So its been dropped after going this far in?!

    …….I was tired of living anyway…….

    Go stick to pedo baseball, fappers.

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