28 thoughts to “Ashita no Joe – 58”

  1. @Anonymous It’s a compilation movie covering the entire first series, just in 35mm film. The 2nd movie on the other hand is a DYRL affair, tells the same story, but with different takes on events as well as new animation.

  2. Klonoa79H: Isn’t that the Live Action movie? It was released in 2011 after all. I doubt the original movies can be found in BD quality. ^^ We do however have them in R2J just in case. 😉

  3. @juggen go for it. it’s a BR raw.

    If only I had a imgur account so I could upload pictures taken with VLC.

  4. I guess I should try to convince the team to do the BD movies when we finish the first season. Doing S2 seems like a real long shot… We’ll see what happens when we get there I suppose.

  5. Klonoa79H: Takara is doing a bad job according to our translation checker. And… Where’s their editor and quality checker? Season 2’s definitely something we hope to do properly.

  6. “Season 2′s definitely something we hope to do properly”

    Well it is Ashita no Joe after all. It’s precious and deserves quality over any other series!

    Anyways you guys at Saizen are doing better than ever! Really amazing job with all of your releases over the past year. Can’t believe season 1 is actually looking like it could be completed some day hahaha! Well I never doubted you guys over the long haul. Thanks forever saizen. 🙂

  7. I was gonna say that if Saizen doesn’t bother with season 2, I’d get HnG to take over from there… But looks like I’ll be sticking around here for a while! That’s good news!

  8. Great news! 😛 Wouldn’t be possible without the help from you and HnG. =)

    Also, I have both bluray rips now if the team is interested. ^^

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