Captain Tsubasa – 32

Hello guys. We said no once, and twice, but eventually decided to pick up this long Captain Tsubasa series. We’re picking it up from where Frenchies-subs left off. I hope you’ll enjoy our take on Captain Tsubasa, even though the changes from Frenchies-subs will be significant.

Ps: Don’t expect another release in May as I’m having 7 more exams until June.

CCCP icon[Saizen]_Captain_Tsubasa_-_32_[DVD][35D556AB].mkv
MD5: 93A5D8D23470529C2A06845CD8853A43

25 thoughts to “Captain Tsubasa – 32”

  1. OMG!!! I just LOVE u guys!!! It’s fine, take your time as long as you complete this series eventually!! Yaaay you made my day XD Good luck & Thanks <3

  2. Thank you so much guys for all your amazing work!!! Can’t wait for this old gem to be subbed!!!

  3. Thanks alot~ I’ve been waiting for this to watch this childhood anime for so long!

    hope you guys continue the good work~

  4. Thanks a lot for deciding to get what was let off by Frenchies-sub.
    From now on, there are more things to expect!

  5. It took us about 3 years to sub 40 episodes of Captain Tsubasa 2k2. Subbing 90’s gonna take longer… lol.

  6. I just wish Frenchies made it to Nankatsu vs Meiwa 2. This match dragged on for too long not to mention some panzy moments by Tsubasa….either way, I love you Saizen group!!

  7. I guess i can stop downloading the raw’s now and download the frenchi release. 🙂
    Thanks guys. Nobody truly cares about old gems which are unsubbed like you.

  8. Man Saizen just kicks ass and takes names. Really knocking out all the good treasures that have been been lost in time. You know our eyes have been gazing on in envy of those scrumptious untranslated anime!

    /round of applause by the audience

  9. Well, I don’t personally like the second part of the series as much as I like the first one (second one is really long and became a “Tsubasa-defeats-everyone-all-alone”, no Misaki, no more Wakabayashi, not to mention the last match which is something like 25-30 episodes long, which is near 1/4 of the whole series, DBZ-like).

    What is nice for english audience is that the last match of the tournament (and the best match of the whole series) start at episode 39 if I remember right, so the project is not far from it (7 episodes remaining to reach it).

  10. Oh, really? It’s the best of the whole series? Cool, I just finished translating episode 37. Looks like next episode will be about the final, though.

  11. Oh my god! I didn’t even knew you guys had picked up Tsubasa from where Frenchie left off. That’s just amazing. Thank you so much!!!

  12. Thanks for all your hard work guys. I’m kind of curious – why are some of your subs on the top of the screen and some on the bottom? It kind of makes watching the show really, really, really awkward.

  13. It also makes it easier to distinguish what is being said in the background and what is not, as background talk tends to also be on top, in various subs.

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