One Piece – 01

And here’s our brand new project for you! Ruri-Saizen have always had a love affair with pirates (all that debauchery and pillaging is cool in our book), so what better way to scratch our eyepatch itch than to sub one of the greatest pirate shows ever created. Yes, One Piece may have started back in 1999 and it may be one of the most recognised anime shows coming out of Japan at the moment, having racked up a total of 589 episodes on its way to worldwide acclaim – but we decided that the only way to do this series justice was by starting from episode 1.

So while you finish gorging on your Easter chocolate, here’s episode 1 of One Piece to get you over the post-Easter blues.

DISCLAIMER: Even though we are releasing this using the Saizen and Ruri distribution networks, we have tagged it [Blackbeard] for legal reasons – so that those pesky licensing companies don’t realise that we’re the ones who subbed it. That’ll fool them πŸ˜€

DISCLAIMER #2: We stole borrowed the video of this episode from another group at gunpoint after some gentle persuasion. We were going to make our own logo to cover our tracks, but that was too much :effort: we wanted to acknowledge their encoding prowess.

11 thoughts to “One Piece – 01”

  1. That’s a good start, I heard you’ll release an ep everyday, that’s so awesome, thanks saizen

  2. It’s all right, Dhruv, we have a million staff in Saizen, so everything is fully covered. Expect movement soon πŸ˜€

  3. Is this the HD Widescreen version that aired a while ago, which cropped it for HDTV showings of the earlier portions?

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