4 thoughts to “Beast Saga – 02”

  1. Hi, I ask on Ruri for the quality Raw of this anime, Beast Saga

    And them say you are the capper of that quality Raw

    I want to make it with Spanish Subs, but the public raws have a low quality, a bad 1280 x 720 resolution, my only option for now is make it on SD 848 x 480…

    I wondering if you don´t mind to share with me these raws or public them on torrents for other people in my situation…

    Please answer, even if the answer is no… ^^U

  2. Hello, Ruri-Saizen here:

    While we don’t hand out our raws, it is very easy to grab them from the release. Everything in our video is softsubbed aside from the logo, I believe – so it’s very easy for you to extract the video and add your own subs nowadays. I’m not going to tell you how, but a google search of the correct terms brings up a program you can download as the first hit.

  3. Yeah, I know that method, but only for the episode itself, not the Opening or Ending, with have hard sub on it

    Thanks anyway, I go to do it SD then ^^U

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