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Hope you had a nice Christmas Eve, and today it’s Cristmas Day, so of course we have another Yawara for you to watch. =)
Some of you might have even watched it yesterday, when it was “leaked” by our distro guy, [M]-V.^^;
So as Yawara picks up her training again, we wish you a continued happy holiday! ^^

CCCP icon[FroZen-EviL]_Yawara_-_118_[DVD][E09D6369].mkv
MD5: FE8A06763E492EFE0489F6DE1337ABB3

Today we give you a very special episode, which happens to take place on Christmas Eve!
Hopefully everyone will have a wonderful day, and perhaps this episode can get you into the right mood. 🙂
And with this release, we managed to get you 14 episodes in 7 days. 😉

So, from all of us to all of you, we at Saizen Fansubs wish you a Merry Christmas!

CCCP icon[FroZen-EviL]_Yawara_-_118_[DVD][E09D6369].mkv
MD5: 14B3E16EB4D893E4C9B4A2B6C22A92DD

It was kinda obvious, wasn’t it? ^^ Also, sorry for the slow distro yesterday.
So yeah, only one day left for Christmas Eve, hope you’ve all been nice this year so you can get Santa’s presents. =)
If not… we might have another treat in store for you. 😉

Don’t forget to visit Hokuto no Gun.

CCCP icon[Saizen-HnG]_Ashita_no_Joe_-_45_[DVD][B005544E].mkv
MD5: 8F8664AE5146DF8B858832002E83E16A

This is a pretty good Christmas, don’t ya think? DON’T YOU!? – Joe

lol, so no Super Deluxe Saizen Christmas Special, but at least more releases than usual. ^^
In case we don’t release anything else before Christmas Eve: Merry Christmas to you all! (Crosses fingers) 😀

Don’t forget to visit Hokuto no Gun.

CCCP icon[Saizen-HnG]_Ashita_no_Joe_-_43_[DVD][7AC53ED7].mkv
MD5: 6981A70BE871D3B16FCCE0C47BA25A58
CCCP icon[Saizen-HnG]_Ashita_no_Joe_-_44_[DVD][12F3F776].mkv
MD5: E640943F72E71BFCBB2A3E8CE397465D

Christmas times sure are awesome, don’t ya think? =)
Looks like we all survived the apocalypse, not sure if you can survive more of these depressing episodes though. I’m told it’s about to stop soon, though. ^^ Well, god bless, cause this chick is having her period right now!
Will the plan work or will Matsuda finally grow a pair? Find out in the latest episode of Yawara! 😛

CCCP icon[FroZen-EviL]_Yawara_-_116_[DVD][80E2B017].mkv
MD5: C4D5F48548B3F31571B9A090A22D1C88

And holy shit! So many releases! Well, better hurry before the end of the day, might not be a tomorrow!
Only thing left now is more Joe, then I could ask myself, which way is tomorrow? 😀

CCCP icon[FroZen-EviL]_Yawara_-_115_[DVD][0A9E41B2].mkv
MD5: B41C92D47EFA51FACFBB66521D68424D

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