Charady’s Daily Joke – 49-53

Hey, guys, here’s our new project! Well, that’s not exactly true; Charady’s Daily Joke first aired way back in April 2009 and ran daily for a year, totting up a mammoth 365 episodes. And as you can probably tell, it’s not actually a new project, because this FroZen venture was started by Frostii three years ago, but we figured that, as all the staff were in Saizen as well (including our brand new translator, Kazuki“), we might as well make use of the might of the Saizen distro team too. So here’s our latest five-episode batch with five jokes to tickle your fancies and maybe a few moral lessons along the way. Enjoy!

P.S. For those of you who haven’t watched any Charady before, we’ve uploaded the original Frostii episodes 1-48 so that you can watch the whole series in all its glory.

P.P.S. An extra-special thanks goes out to F10 of AnimeYoshi for helping us with our logo issues and to French fansub group, MotherFansubFucker-Team, who helped us acquire the raws for this show.

6 thoughts to “Charady’s Daily Joke – 49-53”

  1. That would have required Juggen to stay up for 53 hours straight. Somehow, I don’t think he would have agreed to doing that.

  2. Thanks Saizen-Frostii for this show, I just watched ep 1 and it was really laughable , also CP ” a laugh ” means you enjoy it while it’s 3 mins only, sometimes you watch 20 mins with nothing change :D,

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